Friday, June 29, 2007

Phil Spector Is Innocent

You can argue that Phil Spector has not led a perfect life, made mistakes and has personality issues. Yes Spector is somewhat eccentric as we expect of most artists his age. I’d argue that we are all richer because of Spector’s work product. I’ve been stuck in a musical time warp since the day Spector did his greatest work.

How did Lana Clarkson die? I think we’ve seen some guesses and tried to figure probabilities. We can only follow the real evidence and our system of convicting the accused only after guilt is proven, beyond a reasonable doubt.

To guess what happened does a huge disservice to the memory of Lana Clarkson, her family and friends. We don’t know what happened and I’d argue that Spector may well be somewhat responsible for Clarkson’s death even if he did not pull the trigger. Just letting a drunken Clarkson handle a loaded firearm may have been negligent. Again we’d have to guess if that was the case.

The filing of charges against Phil Spector did not bring Clarkson back to life or somehow make her death less painful to her loved ones. What the prosecution did bring was a salacious and tabloid driven expose’ of Lana Clarkson tragic personal problems. Clarkson should be remembered for her glamour and talent not for addictions, and financial problems. That changed as prosecutors brought charges not supported by evidence against Phil Spector.

This may have been a crime of some kind and Spector may have been involved but we can’t convict anyone on a guess.

In our world killers do get away with murder all the time. It’s an ugly part of our free society that we can’t determine a solution to every crime and have perfect justice.

I hope we’d all rather see a man who’s probably guilty go free than hang an innocent. Person. Our system of justice and fairness is much bigger than even Phil Spector.


HI-CALIBER Private Investigations said...

paul i commend you for your more objective new version on this case. we defense investigators must always be 'impartial advocates of the truth.' if our investigation helps our client GREAT. if it hurts them, then its up to the attorneys on how they deal with the work product. there's no client in the world, that i would lose my freedom for. having high ethics is a must.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I have no new version of this crap case that should have never been filed. There was no reasonable way to prove a crime in this horrible event.

I hate this prosecution and am convinced it was brought for all the wrong reasons.

Anonymous said...

The prosecution is using the Wall of Lies and junk science method.

Anonymous said...

Phil Spector is not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

There is also a great possibility that Phil Spector may not be guilty of murder at all!!!!As he says...

For instance Punkin Pie's testimony that Lana told Punkin that Lana was suicidal a few days before Lana Clarkson's death, and Lana breaking both her wrists while she was drinking at a party in the Hollywood Hills in 2001.

The fact that Lana was drinking in 2001 and "accidentally" broke both her wrists- before Phil Spector was ever in her picture- suggest attempted suicide and was actually harm to herself - in 2001. You can't argue with this as it really did happen!!!

So I hope the jury won't convict Phil Spector with this evidence!

Anonymous said...

No matter what anybody thinks of Phil Spector personally,the fact is that based on the evidence he could not be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. My personal opinion is that Assistant DA Truck Do simply wanted to obtain a conviction at any cost to further her own career. Note that she is no longer with the DA, but now with a large LA law firm...hmm.
Phil Spector may have created the wall of sound. Truck Do, for her own political reasons, created the "wall of lies."

Anonymous said...

I just watched the Aphrodite Jones expose on this case. I am no fan of Hollywood in general and I do not really like or dislike Phil Spector but I am very troubled about his conviction because there clearly is reasonable doubt. There wasn't any gun shot residue on Spector so why was that fact seemingly overlooked by the investigators, not to mention the jury? Also, there was very little blood on his clothes and this was a close proximity head shot. He should have been drenched with her blood, but he wasn't. Very sad all around.

Anonymous said...

Can any of the lawyers reading this tell me why Phil's past behavior was allowed in court? There are blacks who have raped, robbed, stabbed, and assaulted people numerous times yet during their murder trials the prosecution is not allowed to breathe even a peep about past crimes or even past violent tendencies/behavior. It seems as if the judge threw the rules out the window to get the verdict someone in control wanted.

If he truly was wearing that white jacket and there are only those few tiny specks of blood on it, then PS was NOT close enough to LC to have murdered her. There is no way around it. As for her going out and buying shoes meaning she is not suicidal, that's BS. She was a drug addict which makes you impulsive. It's very like she was manic to which it is common to go on spending sprees before you bottom out to your depressive lows. I don't believe Phil is guilty of anything but being railroaded. Being a narcissistic A-hole does not make you guilty of murder.