Monday, June 11, 2007

Bernsen Cleared Of Sex Charges!

Okay, I told you so! The accusers and their stories were bogus. Rod Bernsen was acquitted by a federal court jury today. I predicted this result since this story had the smell of prosecutors seeking fame by prosecuting the famous.

Bernsen now has the toughest task of his life. He must try and regain his stellar reputation and hear from old friends that seem to have forgotten his telephone number since he was falsely branded as a child molester by the two Utah cousins. I don’t know if anyone can ever recover from what Bernsen was put through since this ordeal began.

One thing everyone needs to remember the cost of bail bondsmen and lawyers bankrupts most people accused of these kinds of crimes. I hope to see Bernsen who now lives in Colorado back doing some of the things he loved such as TV reporting and law enforcement work.

An update:
This evening I got a call from Rod Bernsen who I’ve never met. He told me that when he was really at a low point facing these horrible lies he stumbled onto my blog. Bernsen said that he got a real lift to learn that not everyone accepted the Utah boy’s fables. That lift helped Bernsen cope with the most difficult chapter of his life he has ever faced

Bernsen also told me that his lawyer, James Epstein who was a friend did this case spending no less than 500 hours refused to take more than one dollar to defend him. There were costs for bail and a second lawyer to deal with federal court practice and of course an investigator. The lion’s share of this was one terrific and generous gift from a real friend.

We’ve not heard the last from Rod Bernsen who seems to have somehow sidestepped the bitterness of this experience. We will just have to see what’s next for this fellow who has retired twice now.

To Rod Bernsen, I say I only did my part as a blogger shining a little light on something that to not look right to me. I will sleep well tonight.


Anonymous said...

Paul you sure called this one right! Too bad homowner's insurance can't cover Bersen's lawyer and bail costs.

Anonymous said...


That's great news! Thanks for the update.

It's funny how the news of the original charges were all over the media. Now I wonder if his acquittal will be covered in the same way?

Oh, I'm sure it will...

Congrats Rod!

The Summerbot said...

I just stumbled upon this blog. I felt the same way about Rod Bernsen when I first heard about this last year. I am friends with one of their sons, and let me tell you, when I met Rod, he was one of the most nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. His lawyer should sue those boys families for slander, at the very least.

HI-CALIBER Private Investigations said...

It was an honor doing this investigation on behalf of Rod Bernsen. Videos here.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed and missed Rod on TV, loved how he explained police procedure :)
I felt in my heat he did not do what he was accused of. He seemed too thoughtful and kind.
I am glad to know in this case my heart led me the right way. Blessings to you and your family Rod!

Anonymous said...

Paul, as one of those who can come out of the woodwork now that the trial is over, I want to thank you for your support of Rod.

I've known the family since 1984 (I'm now 31, do the math). I grew up in that household. Rod and Leslie escorted my grandmother down the aisle in the processional at my wedding. They are like my second parents. Their youngest son is my brother. I have pictures of them holding my infant daughter (and would've allowed him to have done so during this whole mess).

If Rod had ever done anything like this in the past, believe you me, you wouldn't have first heard about it in 2006/007, you would've known back in the 1980's.

He never would've harmed a hair on those kids' heads. Rod is one of the greatest people I have ever known. Everyone in my family loves him (well, all of them, for that matter).

When we first heard about the accusation it just devastated us. We knew that he was being falsely accused. There was never any question of his innocence. The only question was what type of evil and malicious person could do this to an innocent man.

My family basically cried with relief when the Not Guilty verdicts came in. This long nightmare was over. Now comes the time for healing and the continued spread of the good word about Rod.

So again I want to thank you for your continued support of Rod. My only regret was that I discovered your web page when looking to see what people were saying about the trial (back on June 4th, when it started). I wish I would've known about your good faith back in October. It would've been nice to see someone who doesn't know him say such nice words rather than declare him guilty right away.

(Sorry about the long post, I had a lot to get off my chest.)

Unknown said...


Rod congratulations! My heart goes out to you and Leslie. You and I know (but it's hard to explain to non-law-enforcement folks) there is a certain salacious appeal to some people in the law-enforcement business to want lay claim to busting a celebrity. We see it all the time in tabloid news. While it's true, in your mind and your heart, you will never live down the stigma of what happened to you; be assured those who know you had an opportunity to read the original complaint, knew that it stunk right from the start.

I'm continually disappointed and federal agents, like the ones who investigated your case, for not doing a little bit more background work on your accusers. How odd, I thought, that you would be in the sauna with one of the boy's father and he would get up and leave his kids in the sauna with someone who he had a question about?

Rod, we both read a lot of arrest reports. This one was bunk. Regardless, I know the last year has been held for you and your wife. No one can erase that were on ring the bell (as you so eloquently stated). If you have a chance to e-mail me, I would love to hear from you.

Jim Holcomb.

PS: During the year that this was working its way through the system many of our friends at LAPD were in 100% supportive you. You'll remember you told me one time “there is life after LAPD." Now-go and enjoy yours…

Anonymous said...

Rod, I just found these blogs today after reading your comments in the paper. I'm sorry that I am one of those that just "came out of the woood work." You were always in my thoughts and prayers. As Holcomb said, the men and women of the Dept that know you, knew the charges brought against you were fiction. God bless you and your family,

Lori Barrios