Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Prosecution To Rest Its Case In Spector Trial

Prosecutors have put on their case of gossip, hatred and screwy theories against Phil Spector. This as in a final act of desperation, they beg the trial judge to allow just one more so-called witness that claims to have heard a drunken Phil Spector make hostile and disparaging statements directed at “women”. Of course this too is many years prior to Clarkson’s troubling death.

Without real evidence a, trial by character assassination was the only way the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office could possibly proceed and that has been eagerly facilitated by Judge Larry Paul Fidler’s rulings.

Absent from the prosecution’s case is a single item of physical evidence or a motive suggesting Clarkson’s death did not result from her own horse-playing with the Colt Cobra .38 or a suicide. The physical and medical evidence presented does not implicate Phil Spector or anyone other than Lana Clarkson in this very sad event.

This has been a trial of salacious gossip, sensational tabloid style journalism and book authors making money by trashing a legendary music icon. Don’t forget to add in a cornucopia of internet blogger offerings on this mess.

Don’t be surprised to see former Spector lawyer Sara Caplan, invoking her right against self-incrimination under cross-examination by defense lawyers if she is actually forced by the prosecution to testify before the jury. I can promise that the cross-examination of Caplan by the defense won’t be pretty. Judge Fidler will pay dearly for vouching for Caplan’s earlier testimony by declaring her, “the most credible witness” a motion hearing.

Phil Spector was tried and convicted by the press long before any jury was impaneled. The jury has been and will continue to do what all juries do these days when they get in front of the personal computers, and that’s doing Google inquiries about the case and its players.

One simple fact remains and that is that the prosecution should have never should have brought this case to trial unless or until they had real evidence.

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Anonymous said...

The author either did not watch the testimony or your pulling our legs with your editorial about your perception of the prosecution case. Manic Depressive-On med's or not on his med's he shouldn't be consuming alcohol...period. He's loaded, the driver sees Spector within minutes of Lana's death. Gun in hand, blood in hand, "I think I just killed someone." She's in the chair next to the door, With Her Purse on Her Shoulder. He calls no one for help, no one. The four prior similar bad acts is nothing like character assassination, it's called legal admissible EVIDENCE.