Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tales of Chicago’s own Count Dante And Many More

Robert Cooley is a former Chicago cop turned lawyer, turned fixer, turned FBI mole-government witness and finally an author. Cooley’s book, When Corruption Was King will make a great feature film that will keep giving sequels or even a TV series.

Cooley’s saga is something you just can’t make up. The Chicago cops working through the 60s, 70s and 80s all lived this story. Cooley documented the murders, the fixes and the deals that were all way over the top.

Chicago’s First Ward politicians along with the Mob controlled the Chicago Police Department and the Cook County courts despite the presence some untouchable officials. Cooley helped unravel many criminal conspiracies.

Was Chicago finally cleaned up you ask? Chicago ain’t ready for reform. Many of the old crooks were made of Teflon and, new crooks replaced the old crooks.

Is Cooley a rat or a bad guy gone good? You’ll have to read his book and see the movie to find out.

Cooley just gave this video interview:


Anonymous said...

Bob Cooley is without a doubt a hero! Sure he was "inside" of it all BUT, long before the end he did the right thing and nailed the worst political mobsters in modern history! From his meager beginings as the son of an honest Chicago cop, he put hiimself through the Catholic school system as well as college and law school. He was hungry yes but he had a heart and a memory that would not let him continue with the crooked pols. He risked his own life to get the bad guys. Everyone of us who want honest govt. should get behind men like Bob Cooley. I loved his book "When Corruption Was King" and sincerely recommend it to everyone who has even the slighest interest in his/her goverment, law enforcement community, and the city in which they live. Every city should have a Bob Cooley!

Anonymous said...

i think i want to puke!!!!!!!!
Cooley a hero?

leomemorial said...

I think Bobby did what he did in the end due in part to his father. He could have gotten away with it all, thanks in part to his brillant legal mind. But I think he would have been killed in the end (by the mob).

One person can't change our city, but he did all that he could.

One part in his book always makes me think: how he said his father was the honest cop and barely made it by, etc.

I would rather live my life honestly but think about what he said. It's been a struggle for me since I moved here. Many of these people in our city do for themselves, and what price? It's us, the working people of the city that suffer. We have to work several jobs, suffer while these people sit on their fat asses living life to the fullest, earning salaries $100K+ because of who they are or know.

Look at our cops out here. It's very shocking and embarassing to me. We're Chicago and short cops on the streets, they have no breathlyzers, no traffic/dui units, no kick ass equipment, competition meets, terrorism drills-equipment, etc. It's given me a lot of respect for them.

What Bob did in the end and how he told his story upfront earned my respect. There will be some things he did that I don't like, but there are things I've done that others don't like either.

Anonymous said...

Cooley is a piece of crap.

Bad cops should go to jail but he was dirty himself. He owed money to the mob because of his gambling and this was his only way out. Those police who say he is a hero are wrong.

Anonymous said...

I just love all the so called experts who without knowing the real facts involved in Bob Cooley's case are so willing to run their big, dumb mouths and act like they know all the facts - when in reality they don't know jack shit. Face it big, dumb, talkers, you are only mouthing what you "think" occured and what you "heard". How would you like to be tried in the court room where only "guessing" is considered to be evidence? I think not. I think your big, dumb, mouths would clam up fast and demand TRUTH. Bob Cooley IS a hero, the hero those big guessing mouth guys will never be in their life because they have little balls and are scarfed shitlesds of the outfit bums. They sit on their big ass and run judgements on people without having facts and I guess they walk away happy. Those jerks deserve to live in a corrupt city like old Chicago and suffer.