Friday, January 05, 2007

Brady Campaign Has It Backwards

Some seriously mixed up folks run the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. This outfit has been screaming for “sensible gun laws” since the day they were spawned. Sensible gun laws is Brady code for a total gun ban. They only want to ban guns that are too small, too big, and too powerful or shoot ammunition.

Their propaganda somehow suggests that their ideal laws will somehow make people safer from violence and bloodshed. To support their efforts they have graded every state and the District of Columbia in their report card they publish on their website. The states with the highest rate of violence always lead with the highest marks for Brady choice gun control. Somehow the Brady fools think their favored gun laws reduce violence.

Why is it that the states geeting failing grades from Brady are the safest most crime free states and the ones getting the top marks have out-of-control rates for crime and violence? The restrictive gun laws in the most violent states have been there for decades.

No, I did not make this stuff up. You can check their website yourself.

The states getting high marks from Brady:
Illinois: A-
New York: B+
California: A-
District of Columbia: B
New Jersey: A-

The states that received failing grades from Brady:
Vermont: D-
Utah: D-
Wyoming: F
North Dakota: D
New Mexico: F
New Hampshire: D-
Idaho: F+
Alaska: F+
Maine: D-
Montana: F

I simply ask anyone concerned with their family being exposed to violence and the dangers of crime, what states do you think are safer places to live?

Even a broken clock gives the right time twice a day. The Brady people are never right.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for spreading the word about these nitwits. I've read time and again that when a state decides to become a concealed carry state, violent crime always goes down. It's not really that difficult to figure out. When honest, law abiding citizens are not allowed to possess firearms, the only people who will be armed are the criminals. And it must be nice for them knowing that the population that they terrorize are unarmed. Sure makes their job safer.

Anonymous said...

this reportcard is kinda old news. I was atleast expecting to see the 2006 results. But yeah, I've been showing it to people and the comment is always that the lower the grade, the better for once.