Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The 2007 SHOT SHOW In Orlando

This is the place were what’s new is really not so new. Old firearms are repackaged as new and improved versions.

First and foremost I have to explain why I brought back no video. Having to travel by air across country is torture because of the TSA weenies. I refuse to allow these jerks to abuse my video equipment for any reason. Las Vegas is a lot closer and I can drive there with my equipment next year.

A learned friend of mine summed up today's firearms industry. The last exciting thing to improve firearms was the inventions of the cased cartridge and smokeless powder. That was nearly a century ago. The only improvements since have been in sighting systems and ergonomics. Technology has just not brought much in the way of improvements. The 1911 .45 ACP pistol is as old as it’s name and is still being manufactured today more than ever. When you think of it my friend is absolutely correct. With all the hype we use to talk about new guns that arrive on the scene you’d think we found something really new when it’s nothing more than the same old stuff.

The law enforcement section of the SHOT SHOW is where it’s happening these days but the wares there are fully automatic weapons, silencers and alike. These were the law enforcement tools that were kept out of cop’s reach for public relations reasons for decades.

This SHOT SHOW was like the quiet before the storm. The Democrats have taken over both Houses of Congress and there are no Second Amendment protectors in sight willing to run for President in the next election. Gun owners are complacent again letting their NRA memberships expire giving gun-rights haters a green light to bring us additional gun bans.

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