Tuesday, January 23, 2007

BLA Cop Killers Nabbed After 36 Years!

SAN FRANCISCO- 51 year-old, Sergeant John V. Young was murdered on August 29, 1971 during a racist attack on a police station.

The police station was emptied of officers who had responded to an earlier bombing at another location, two men entered the police station and stuck a 12-gauge shotgun through an opening in the bullet proof glass that separated the waiting area from the rest of the police station. The suspects fired between five and ten shotgun blasts, killing Sergeant Young and wounding a civilian employee of the department. Both gunmen then fled from the station house and into a waiting getaway car. Both suspects were later determined to be members of the Black Liberation Army.

Now eight suspects were arrested and charged in connection with Sergeant Young's murder. Advances in forensic investigation and renewed efforts to solve cold cases netted this group of urban terrorists.


Anonymous said...

Proof that when you kill a cop, you can run but you can't hide. May Sgt. Young rest in eternal peace, and may these BLA savages die horrible deaths and burn in hell for what they have done.

Anonymous said...

You sure won't hear much about this item since it's black shooter on white police murder, BUT if it were white police murder black it would be front page on all media. How racist is that! It's time to stop this slanted reporting. I'm glad your blog at least had it posted! Thank you! Glad those murdersd of Sgt. Young are finally bought to justice! Nice police work guys!