Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We Have A 10-1, An Officer Needs Help!

Chicago, IL--Imagine you’re a young cop responding to a hot call of a robbery in progress. You know you’ll soon be in danger as you flip on the lights and siren. At any moment you may be in some desperate criminal’s gun sights. You’re driving fast because you may be able to stop a serious crime and perhaps even save a life.

Suddenly, fate takes over as you’re broadsided by an out-of-control vehicle. You’re pinned in the seat of your overturned police Chevrolet Tahoe and helpless as the predatory ghetto rats descend on you, groping at you while grabbing at your gun and wallet.

Modern police holsters are designed to make it difficult for all but the owner to remove your gun. Your spine is wildly manipulated by the anxious robber who seizes you sidearm.

That’s precisely what happened to 32 year-old Chicago police officer, Densey Cole, II. Cole survived the accident, robbery but is now a quadriplegic. He is unlikely ever to do the job he loved and held for 6 years again. His only hope is for modern medicine and rehabilitation to give him at least some of the life he once had.

There are some benefits for officers with catastrophic injuries but it’s never enough. Cole needs all the love and support of his fellow officers and those that can plainly see the need and are able to help.

Local WFLD TV FOX News reporter, Jeff Goldblatt gives all the details of Cole’s experience and just how you can help this fine officer.

Please take the time to read Goldbatt’s story right here.


Anonymous said...

And the Chicago Police Continue to go without a contract. And they continue to work 2,000 officers short on the deadly streets of Chicago, while mayor Daley saves up the cities funds for the Olympics NOBODY wants!!

Anonymous said...

The piece was very well done by the news. God Bless Officer Cole.

Anonymous said...

This is a situation were the punishment of ' an eye for eye, or tooth for a tooth', wouldn't come close to being enough !Is this perp one of Fr. Phlaeger's parishioners?

Louise Cole said...

My son is an amazing man and God knows it by healing him a little here and there. Anyone who knew him and I from the time he was a child knows that we have always been "peanut butter & jelly." For those who have heard & spread the horrific rumors are no better than the scumbag who took his weapon. God knows the truth, it will surface someday and I pray that they will be able to ask our Lord to forgive them. No parents or sibling should have to endure the doings of people who are putting themselves before Densey's (and his 2 daughters) best interest. Densey has ALWAYS chose his own course, but unfortunately on the 27th of May 2009 he was put in a position where he no longer could do that, but we remained prayerful that that would change. He again would as he always said, "run the show." Please continue to hold Densey up in prayer as we always will. No greater love or devotion exists on earth than that which comes from a mother. Bless all of you who truly understand and have remained loyal.

Louise Cole

Southern IL said...

Mr Cole,

My heart goes out to your precious son, and your entire family. I will say a prayer for Densey tonight.

I hope your son continues to improve each and every day, and that one day he will be able to resume that which he loves. He is a true hero.

May God Bless each and every one of you, and may he continue to give all of you strength.

Northside Copper said...

Mrs. Cole, I don't know what rumors or gossip you are referring too as I haven't heard any. But in any event, God bless your son, you and the entire Cole family. For what it's worth, your son is a modern day hero. I sincerly hope he recovers completely and that he returns to work one day if he so chooses. Once again, God bless.