Friday, July 03, 2009

Sarah Palin Can Save America

Alaska-- Governor Sarah Palin has announced her resignation as that state’s chief executive.

Palin has been a target for the Communists, Socialists of the Democratic Party. She has also been a target for the pretenders of the Republican Party. The Republicans have turned over the leadership of the Party to big government, heavy taxation, so-called, moderates like Both Bush Presidents, McCain, Romney and Giuliani.

The sharp Left turn of the Republic Party away from every Conservative value has neutered this organization from ever mounting a serious campaign on behalf of American Conservatives. It’s time for a Conservative political party to emerge from the wreckage of the last national election.

American needs a Conservative who has lived on the economy and the needs of most working taxpayers.

Phony ethics complaints and a smear campaign by the Left Wing media were set in to high gear against Palin. They saw her as a real and popular threat to their Communist idealism and assonated her character. The attacks were brutal, cold and bogus. The Palins suffered a half million dollar debt in legal fees defending the Governor’s reputation.

Real Conservatives love this great lady. I will never count her out as someone that can place this country back on the track the American founding fathers intended.

Instead of a Vice Presidential candidate Palin would have been overwhelmingly supported by Conservatives for President. With the pretender, John McCain leading the ticket Conservatives stayed home.

The Governor has resigned, I hope gearing up for even greater opportunities to defend and protect her fellow Americans.

I wish Sarah Palin every possible success and America’s success moving back to freedom, free enterprise and a country where excellence is rewarded and never punished.

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Anonymous said...

CG and V, Very nice post.

This lady is awesome. She is the REAL heart and sole of this country. I wish her well, and should she run for President, I will cast her my vote again.