Sunday, July 26, 2009

UK’s Surveillance Camera Love and Gun Hatred Don’t Curb Crime

United Kingdom—They hate privacy and self-defense here and have never slowed down the zeal eliminate all freedom and liberty.

As I write this article their politicians are crafting more ways for police to search citizens, their vehicles and homes. It won’t be long before every UK bedroom will have high resolution government cameras.

The same British liberty haters have disarmed the boy scouts of their pocket knives and want to eliminate by law the points on kitchen knives. Soon every citizen of this country will be frisked and fondled as they leave their own homes.

Of course these cowardly measures only enable violence rather than reducing bloodshed.

George Orwell’s vision of 1984 has visited the UK like the plague. The UK Socialists are also in America. Before we submit to the onslaught perhaps it’s time to visit violence on the thieves of liberty who have infiltrated government?

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Anonymous said...

From Government thieves of Liberty to Government thieves of Life.

In U.S. there were many thieves of liberty by those in Government - long before the Bush Administration.

The Bush Administration took away liberties also by passing the Patriot Act (of course not all bad...) and by severing Constitutional Rights for those at Guantanamo Bay. And then there were the Torture Memos.

It does not matter which party or which country. Liberties are always being taken by Governments and people always will have to fight for liberty nearly every second of the day, because freedom is so easily lost to those who want to lock us up so they can protect and keep us safe, by throwing away the key.

Please sign a petition and help to save a dog's life, Bruce, who has done nothing wrong. The Northern Ireland Government have taken him from his home and want to kill him on the basis of breed.

There is some talk of the Queen of England pardoning the dog...

but at the moment he is on doggy death row, and he and his owners are suffering a great loss of freedom.