Thursday, July 23, 2009

Watching The Disintegration Of An American Presidency Is Tragic

Washington, DC—The interloping of Chairman Barack Obama into a simple street arrest by a cop is nothing more than his tossing out a provocative race card. Why you ask? The cheap shot was taken to distract America, from the abject failure of his hostile and un-American health care seizure plan.

The favorable Obama polls are dropping like rock as the unfavorable ones defy gravity. Obama’s next step is racial division and inciting the minority freeloaders as the most liberal states release tens of thousands of hard corps unemployable mostly minority prisoners.

Obama is proving to be the greatest divider since Abraham Lincoln.

If he can’t hold on to the voters, Obama can be counted on to employ the methods of his mentors Josef Stalin and Fidel Castro. The problem is Obama can count on America’s law enforcement and military to end any such efforts to seize powers.

Obama knows his ride will be over once the halls of Congress explode as voters turn out record numbers of Left Wing political loonies in 2210. Pelosi and Reid know they won't be around too long.

Obama and his minions don’t have enough muscle to dictate over a country with 250 million firearms in the hands of civilians. Obama needs to just quietly slip back under that nasty rock he slithered out from.


Anonymous said...

I would estimate there is closer to 1 billon firearms of assorted types in the USA.

Anonymous said...

Good column Paul! You can add to it that the reason Oboma heads to Chicago is because the head of the Black Muslim party is located there. The HQ's in Hyde Park is the same hood from which Oboma come from. All the "pinko's" and "commies" are located there in the area of the Univ. of Chicago. They even forced the Univ. to put Oboma's "animal ass" wife on the payroll once upon a time. I suspect Oboma has "meetings" while in Chicago with all his anti-American pal's and his fellow Black Muslims. Wake up America before it's too late! This Oboma is giving away YO UR American store to YOUR enemies.

Anonymous said...

For a U.S. President who is a former law professor to take sides in a local city snafu and label it a race issue is not only unbecoming, it is downright unlawful! Oboma just hates cops, white ones for sure, so much that he would stoop so low as to even comment on this incident. After all, there is not even a verdict to be issued since the black professor got the charges "fixed" so he won't have to stan trial - like any other disorderly person. Folks, the cop (white & black) only responded to a burglary call from the professors neighbor(s) and the nasty professor wanted to take his stuck door problem out on the white cop (whom he has hated for all his black life). Rise up America, stick up for the white cop - i mean right makes might! And the cop is right! The nasty black professor and his stupid for commenting on this case US President is trying to lynch the white cop to get even for the old days! Right boys! You bet..I hope all forward thinking, non-racist people will stick up for the right cop and let the professor know that the police is NOT his whipping boy! Fix your door man and stop your cop abuse!

Anonymous said...

Let me get this right............. Obama chimes in on a Police Sgt. who answered a legitimate call, and made a legitimate arrest, and calls it racists???????

Where was Obama when the Iranian Government he so loves to court shot that poor woman in the streets dead, when she was peacefully protesting the corrupt election and government in Iran............ Silence filled the halls of the White House. Not a peep out of our fearful leader.

This fucking moron wants nothing more then to divide and conquer us by race. The racecard is dead. We all have friends and some have family members of different races. He is playing to the ghetto mutts that are breeding votes for him as we speak. Not the normal voters, may they be black, white, yellow or pink. He is building the army of hate. Hate the white man. Hate the white police officers. When i stood side by side with ANY officer they were an officer first. Color is never an issue. This was not a color issue until one of Obama's friends made it an issue. They are the racists not us. God Save America.

Anonymous said...

Buy weapons and ammo.

Anonymous said...

He was very quick to express an opinion without first gathering the facts.

This guy has the power to blow the world to smithereens based on limited information. That's fu--ing scarey.

Dave R. said...

Obama weighing in on the Gates arrest is the gift that keeps on giving. "Beer at the White House" will be a story if it happens and a story if it doesn't. Cambridge dispatch should have the audio recordings of the 911 call and possibly Crowley's radio reports; I'd bet those come out sooner or later, and that's another story. Gates isn't likely to back down now (he's already said he wants a PBS special out of it), so that will call for further comment by the President. For a basically trivial issue, this thing has legs.

All Obama had to say was he wouldn't comment without knowing all the facts, but he couldn't pass up an opportunity to lecture. This is very much an unforced error on his part.