Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mail Call At The Las Vegas Shot Show!

Las Vegas-- The Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show opened in Las Vegas, NV today. At the Glock Firearms Booth their spokesman is our favorite super Marine, R.Lee Ermey aka "Gunny". You've seen him in many fine films and History Channel's Mail Call.

Stop by and meet Gunny and get his autograph today thru Sunday!

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Anonymous said...


I enjoy your blog and your perspective on the current events and issues of the day but I do take issue with your censorship of anything supportive of Congressman Ron Paul though.

Ron Paul is the only true conservative in the Presidential Race. John McCain more than honorably served his country but he is a stonecold LIBERAL at heart. John McCain wants amnesty for illegal aliens,enough said. John McCain consistently aligns himself with the most liberal members of the US Senate,IE: Ted Kennedy,John Kerry,Barbara Boxer,Diane Feinstein,Lieberman,Dick Durbin. Didn't Senator John McCain almost become a Democrat last election to run as VP with John Kerry?

As for Mitt Romney he is also an avowed East Coast LIBERAL. Mitt Romney promised to be the most GAY friendly Governor Massachusetts ever had. He is Anti-Gun,Anti-Life,fiscally irresponsible and was also a proponent of relaxed illegal immigration.

Rudy Guiliani's "Veil of Liberalism" was revealed and America saw him as a total phoney. So much for the "ignorant" electorate or so he thought.

President Bush has sadly abandoned the conservative tenets of Republicanism and OUR nation is dearly paying for it in a multitude of ways including OUR warriors blood. We need to stop the march to Socialism NOW!
Are you aware that Congressman Ron Paul has nver voted for a tax increase?

Are you aware that Congressman Ron Paul was a deocrated USAF Flight Surgeon? He is not your typical politician by along shot.

God Bless America's Defenders!
Are you aware that US servicemen/women have contributed more money and support to Congressman Ron Paul than any other candidate?

Why does the conventional media continuously stiffle his voice? What do they fear? Ron Paul's warchest comes exclusively from individual donors not lobbyists or corporations. Isn't this the true essence of the People's Voice?

Please watch the Lou Dobbs interview of Congressman Ron Paul:

Watch the movie, America Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo.


Join the Revolution!!!
Take America Back!