Thursday, February 14, 2008

Illinois Politicians Told NIU Victims, “Shut Up And Die!”

Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, IL--Illinois politicians gave Chicago's Mayor Richard M. Daley what he wanted. They made it a felony crime for a law abiding citizen even those holding valid Firearm Owner Identification Cards to carry a handgun for simple self-protection.

They’ve known for a long time that violent criminals and the mentally deranged never let gun laws or Gun Free Zones stop them from committing all manner of carnage. They also know it’s an extremely rare day when dangerous criminals have met any requirements to get gun permits even under the most permissive systems.

Illinois Politicians have made the entire state a Gun Free Zone, at least on paper. Again the result was to provide some whack-job the softest possible target to kill innocent victims and get himself or herself some major media face time. The politicians know these facts only too well and continue with their politics of victimization anyway.

The only motive I can see for the continued war on the law-abiding folk’s gun rights is the desire of politicians to enslave their constituents and eventually end those tiresome elections and term limits.

As of 5:43 P.M. NIU officials have provided the following information about the victims of the shooting:
18 victims were transported to Kishwaukee Community Hospital in DeKalb:
Eight victims are in stable condition
Six victims are in good condition
Four victims are in critical condition and two of those victims were transported to regional hospitals

Update: The latest from NIU:
Latest Information
8:55 p.m. CST, 2/14/08

NIU can confirm seven fatalities, including the gunman. Four of the dead were female and two, including the gunman, were male. In total, there were 22 injured or killed.

NIU can confirm that the shooter was an NIU graduate student in sociology in the Spring of 2007 but was not currently enrolled.

At a press conference held on NIU's campus Thursday evening, NIU President John Peters said, "Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. We thank the community for the outpouring of sympathy during this terrible time of tragedy."

Peters urged students to remain calm and seek counseling. "We've asked them to reach out to each other during this difficult time, and they've done that, and I'm proud of them."

The NIU Department of Public Safety is asking that any individuals who witnessed the Feb. 14 shooting, or who believe they have any information related to the shooting, call the University Tip Line at (815) 753-TIPS. Police will return calls as soon as possible.

The FBI is processing the crime scene and the investigation is being aided by the Illinois State Police, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, the State Crisis Management Team, the City of DeKalb Police, City of Sycamore Police, DeKalb County Sheriff's Department, the Ben Gordon Center and the DeKalb, Sycamore and Cortland Fire Departments, as well as FEMA


Anonymous said...

Im sure all those wounded students appreciated all those stupid gun laws as their bodies were being ripped to pieces!

Anonymous said...

When will the voters of Illinois boot these anti-gun politicians out of office? It is so simple it is ridiculous. Criminals DO NOT OBEY gun laws. Enacting more gun laws will have absolutely no effect on crime, unless you count the law abiding citizens that get arrested because of them. Armed law abiding citizens can stop these lunatics at the earliest moments, before these shootings turn into massacres.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pablo, when is the last time you called felony review to get charges on a UUW? After the law went into effect, even though it is crook county, the working, legit, FOID possessing people ain't taking the hit. I haven't seen let alone heard one of the above described, when a uuw w/a head is brought in. I'm all for CCW but figure it out, say a college class is English 101, freshman gen-ed class, 18-20 year olds, say one hundred and 60 in the class. Illinois and almost all of the other states have the 21 years and older law on handguns. Would not have made a F$@KING difference..... Lobby this shit when it doesn't hit this close to home, (think there may be a few NIU students who parents are the police). Sincerely an NIU alum and if you can't figure out what I do for a living the GFY. Stay safe

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I don't give a rats ass if they don't enforce the gun laws they pass, they don 't belong on the books.

I lawfully carried a gun since I was 19 years-old as I walked the halls of Loop Jr. College and later UCIC and would have used my training and firearm to end a similar assault. That's assuming I could have made a distraction or found an opening. I would not have allowed him to continue.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is going to question why the ATF and the FBI were there so fast and why is their involvement needed at all? It is a local crime should be handled at the State and local level. Big Brother is here. Somebody tell me why a shotgun and handguns all of which are legal under State and Federal law needed to be traced by the ATF? Especially when the offender is already dead and it is quite obvious who was in possesion of these firearms at the time of the crime? Law abiding citizens should really start to question this need for or the legality of federal law enforcement working their way into these gun incidents. Wake up people it is quite obvious that there is a National agenda involved here and that agenda is to ban firearms and ammo nationwide.

Anonymous said...

Wait, I dont understand. How could this tragedy happen? Isn't NIU a "gun free" zone!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, sir, for your words.

“Police were on the scene within a few minutes …” How often have we read that line after a shooting? Do you understand how many shots can be fired “within a few minutes”? Unless law enforcement were actually there in the classroom when this happened there is absolutely nothing - I repeat nothing - that law enforcement could do except stretch out that yellow tape after everyone is dead. Law enforcement, in this situation, is reactive, not proactive. Law enforcement clean up the scene and discover clues, not prevent the shooting from happening.

Gun free zones are attractive to criminals because no law abiding citizens will be able to stop them from taking hostages or killing. Criminals have great incentive to do their crimes within gun free zones. Gun free zones are the safest places for criminals. Gun free zones are the deadliest places for law-abiding citizens. Gun free zones increase gun crime. When well meaning but misguided individuals ban guns at one location or another they are recklessly and negligently putting your life at risk and are giving you a false sense of security.

What gun-control advocates fail to grasp is criminals, by definition, do not follow the law and therefore any attempt to keep them from carrying a gun into a given establishment will fail, often with tragic results.