Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Rush Is On To Loot Britney Spears’ Estate

We all know that Britney Spears has had difficult moments made more difficult by constantly exaggerated tabloid reports of this girl’s behavior. If Spears runs a yellow light in her car it’s a front page story. I’m not sure what’s really going on other than I have no doubt that all of the people that surround her have shady motives. Greed is ugly and Spear’s huge estate is the target of some very ugly people.

Anyone feeding Spears alcohol or drugs is suspect since that would weaken Spear’s resistance and ability to protect her assets. Spear’s parents remind me of so many parents of Hollywood’s child stars. The feel entitled to steal their child’s earnings and do so with no limits. Spear’s parents are fighting desperately to gain absolute control of their daughter’s earnings.

Next we have a huge boatload of lawyers, medical experts, accountants, and the court itself all grabbing their “share” of The Britney Spears estate. Let’s not forget that ex-husband who’d be living in a beat up car had he not caught Britney’s eye one day.

I can’t predict how the court will “protect” Britney Spears or her money but you can count on millions going to the greedy as a result of the court's intervention. In the mean time Britney can’t write a check, or use her own credit cards. I don’t see anyone on the side of this young woman.

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