Sunday, February 10, 2008

Barack Obama The Drug Abusing Felon

In his own 1995 book, would be President Obamma admitted his personal cocaine abuse. Such an admission would bar him from ever working in any American law enforcement agency. How can this Democratic frontrunner possibly be qualified to become the top law enforcer on our earth?

Okay, this is in his past and should not count. Tell that to the hundreds of thousands of police applicants rejected and blackballed for the very same behavior in their past lives. Use of cocaine is a felony under every state and federal laws. That makes Obama a felon.

The broad support for Obamma’s candidacy along with the huge amount of unchecked drug abuse in this country is a clear sign that the numbers of Americans that don’t break drug laws are in the minority.

Can anyone please help me make sense of these facts?


420 Guy said...

The president has no police powers, he cannot enforce the law, he can only help shape it.

Anonymous said...

Obama is the anti-Christ

Anonymous said...

His family has Islamic ties. He and his church gave the 'man of the year' award to Louis Farikon (spelling?)
And he's the most liberal socialist senator in the Capitol right now. DANGEROUS

Anonymous said...

Did you clowns ever think that Obama never did coke? That he was exaggerating to make a point?