Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Mugger Protection Act.

Since the beginning of the human race a minority of humans have chosen to obtain whatever they want or need through intimidation, force and use of various weapons against others. Among other terms we call these people muggers. In order to be successful at this kind of career certain precautions have to be taken in order to avoid getting, caught, beaten or punished. Muggers must be sure that they are stronger, faster or at least outnumber their victims. The idea is that muggers must avoid targeting anyone they can’t overcome, and subjecting themselves to unsafe working conditions.

Often muggers are actually aided by their victims for all kinds of illogical reasons. It’s the same mentality that caused millions of victims to cooperate with Hitler’s Nazis by quietly marching to their deaths in an orderly fashion. This same kind of cooperation is exactly what enabled small groups of skinny little Muslims to take over those airplanes on 9/11. You can argue about the “heroes” of Flight 93 but their efforts were too little and too late. For some strange reason nature’s gift of the fight or flight instinct becomes disabled in too many people. The end result is that the muggers of the world generally succeed in their efforts.

We all know that it was Sam Colt, not God who made all men and women really equal. A small or otherwise frail person can defend themselves from the largest mugger or even a small group of them if he has a gun and the ability to use it. Because most muggers are true cowards, when an intended victim can produce a gun the thugs will surrender or run away. Unfortunately some muggers will continue in their efforts and sometimes are seriously wounded and even killed in the process by their intended victims. Of course their intended victims are uninjured and get to keep their property. Sam Colt gave the frail, weak and elderly people a fighting chance to avoid rape, robbery and to live.

In order to provide safer working conditions for all muggers the gun control movement was born. The idea was to bring some kind of sense and order to crime and victims. It’s really quite simple. Gun prohibition laws can be made that the law-abiding will always obey. The muggers can always be counted upon to ignore such laws. The result is that the mugging, rape and murders go unchallenged. Instead of OSHA, it’s the politicians; ATF and police agencies that keep the victims soft and easy for the muggers.

Laws that restrict or impede the possession or carrying of firearms by law-abiding Americans are nothing more than MUGGER PROTECTION ACTS.


Anonymous said...

Huebl, you kill me with calling sensible and needed gun laws, The Mugger Protection Act. Bring you act to Las Vegas.

Pabs said...


Nice blog, it's going to be a cold day in hell before one of the skinny ones takes over my flight

if you know what I mean!

Anonymous said...

Liberal's view of gun control: Ban all guns from everyone!

Conservative's view of gun control:
Use both hands!

Anonymous said...

Gun Control: Hitting what your aiming at.

Anonymous said...

I want the gun in the picture! Is that yours Paul?

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

That pic came from the Colt website. I have a 5" nickle SSA .45LC with real ivory grips though...

Anonymous said...

I got tired of waiting and bought one!! Finally!

(what do I do when the wife finds out how much I spent?)