Sunday, January 29, 2006

Vigilante Killer Is An 81-Year-Old Great-Grandmother

Lake Forest, CA—Get that vision of Charles Bronson’s character, Paul Kersey out of your head, this one is definitely different. 26 year-old, Alex Reyes, was shot twice and died on Sunday at a hospital from a bullet wound to his head. Reyes was in the process of making a court supervised visit of his his 18-month-old son. The supervised visits were ordered after Reyes was accused of sexually molesting the boy.

The great-grandmother, Jeane Ellen Allen allegedly drew a handgun without warning and shot Reyes twice from the front porch of their home. Allen is being held for investigation of 1st Degree Murder at the Orange County Jail on $1,000,000 bail.

With all the hype about child molesting Allen can be counted on being viewed as a heroic protector of her great-grand son. Between the motive and her age I see a made for TV movie coming down the pike. The big question I have is, will the Orange County prosecutor actually find a jury willing to convict the old gal?

Granny spilled her guts to reprters from the L.A. Times.


Anonymous said...

Nobody will vote to convict her in a million years.

Anonymous said...

Give Granny a medal. We now have one less baby raper.

John Mosby said...

How do we know the original molestation charges against the father were valid?

Seems like physical/sexual abuse charges are de rigeur in any custody battle these days.

Is this just the natural extension of the War on Men?


Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

John Mosby rased a valid issue.

The problem here is the accused is dead and won't ever be able to clear his name.

What's at issue here now is what the accused great grandmother believed to be true.

Of course she like all vigilanties became judge, jury and executioner. Both the court and court of public opinion will try her.

Anonymous said...

Boy did she blab. They'll let her go.

Alex said...

I was his cousin and I never got to see him because of stupid family fights and I havnt seen him since i was 4and I never will again. whoever the anonymous person is, u hav no right to say that! She lied and he passed the stupid tests. the molestation allegations were merely allegations and in the end all she wanted was for my cousin's son to go to his mom and not the dad.and she ended up being in prison.