Monday, January 30, 2006

St. Louis and Maplewood MO. Police officers on video, so what?

After an attempted stop on a suspicious person situation the suspect fled from police. Officers caught the suspect as a news media helicopter overhead was shooting live video. So now the allegations are flying without documentation of death or broken bones. I’d hope they’d wait for the medical reports before they cry brutality and start a riot. It’s impossible to see the level of resistance being employed by the suspect. Here’s the news report with video link.


Anonymous said...

I'm a STL copper and I simply cannot believe the uproar this incident has caused. So called "activists" instantly turned this into a racial-incident, even though one of the coppers was black. If the bad guy had been a hoosier (STL slang for white trash), it would be on America's Funniest Hoosiers Getting Their Asses Whooped by the PO-PO.

Instead of dwelling on the bad guys criminality and the fact that the chase and apprehension were potentially lethal, they try to transform the mope into Rosa Parks.

Where are these activists when young, black males kill and maim other blacks on a daily, goddamn basis. The only time they crawl out of their sixties hangovers is to scream about alleged racism in the police department.

As a black letter-to the-editor writer said in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch following a police shooting, a while back, "If we wait for the police to catch up with blacks in the killing of other blacks, we'll be waiting a good long while".

Anonymous said...

You couldn't of said it any better brother.