Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My recurring nightmare...

I’m asleep in my own bed in Marina Del Rey CA., when I hear knocking and pounding on my door. I go to the door and two uniformed sergeants from the Chicago Police Department with drawn guns take me into custody. They demand to know were my uniforms and gun belt are located. I tell them and they escort me to that closet. They order me to put it all on. One grabs my old hat and puts a shield on it. My heart starts pounding. As I button my shirt and find that both my protective vest and shirt along with the pants shrunk a little while hanging in the closet. Next I put on my jacket the other sergeant puts that new ugly design police star on my jacket. Next they take me to an airplane where they have other kidnapped former and retired coppers, there were some on board I used to know.

Soon we're standing roll call at 54 West Hubbard, in the old Mass Transit Unit squad room. An inspector is present. He tells us what a sorry bunch we are and the Watch Commander says it’s time to go to work.

I walk to the Grand Avenue subway, and down to the platform where I get on a North bound train. I’m depressed and am asking myself, why me? I get off at Clark and Division and walk to that really seedy, Cedar Hotel on Rush Street. I check in, go to my room and fall back to sleep.

I guess I’d rather be acting, producing and writing these days.


Anonymous said...

On your way to the Cedar Hotel, are you sure you didn't stop at either the Baton, or the Stop and Drink?

Anonymous said...

Someday that may be the only way this city can retain our cops! What a nightmare!

It could be much worse! You could have been forced to be on the Mayor's bodyguard detail!