Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas

I remember working every Christmas of my life when I was a cop. I never really minded it because it was always an easy day.

One such Christmas, We received a disturbance call and responded to a rat hole apartment building on Chicago's Roosevelt Road. We came in expecting trouble but found no disturbance. The problem was that the mom and dad of the house could not operate their brand new Polaroid camera.

The apartment was modest, but clean and tidy with fresh cake and cookies on the table. Our mom and dad were both unable to read the camera instruction book. There were five kids with their presents that needed to get their pictures taken next to their Christmas tree. That was a quick fix. Before we left we took pictures of the whole family all smiling and happy.

One thing more, there was a cross and the wall with a picture of Jesus Christ. In the middle of poverty there were some lucky children being raised by two parents that had some dignity and pride. That made my Christmas a little more enjoyable.

Crime, Guns and Video Tape wishes all our readers a wonderful Holiday Season!


Anonymous said...

Always killed me to meet the good people in bad, really bad, neighborhoods. Told many a parent in 011, worried about sons going wayward, that there were plenty of other places they could move where the boy(s) wouldn't be exposed to the craziness of that area. Not a liberal, and in fact I'm an R, but I share your apparent sympathy for good people in bad situations.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I think the kids in that family did okay. A dad in the house in an all black neighbor hood is a very rare bird.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great Christmas story!

Anonymous said...

Paul, I remember you telling me that story 20 years ago. You did that great story justice.