Tuesday, August 12, 2014

On the passing of Robin Williams, my thoughts…

Los Angeles, CA--Those that really know me understand my deep love for all entertainers.  I champion every actor, singer, musician, dancer and comedian’s efforts.  Perhaps it’s because I would not want to live in a world without entertainment.
Yes, I’m also an actor along with so many other occupational hats that I wear.  It’s really a small percentage of people that have the opportunity to impact our lives with their performances. 
Robin Williams made a huge contribution to all of us.  He made us all forget at least for a while our own troubles like health issues, financial disasters and failed relationships.  
Those that possess a special talent gift are usually rewarded handsomely, yet for some for some the stress of keeping their careers on track takes a very heavy toll.
I feel most for the talented and beautiful women that seem to have a short entertainment shelf life.  As they approach 40,  at a point when their skills are at a pinnacle suddenly casting directors ignore them. We all wonder whatever happened to so and so? 
Robin Williams has touched all of our souls as a comic, actor and a genuinely kind fellow.  Somehow Williams’ own life was troubled by drug use.  I suspect Williams like many athletes sought to experiment with performance enhancing chemicals. 
Yesterday Williams’ demons caught up with him silencing him forever.  He is just one more entertainer that demonstrated that fame and fortune did not provide some of the things he needed most.
Williams certainly gained some form of immortality in that his plethora of films will live on perhaps for centuries.  We will all be laughing again when we see those films over and over again.  
Human life is fragile.  The older I get I see the unfairness and pain that aging brings.  Our eyesight, hearing and dental problems only increase despite advanced medicine.  Many of us watch our own physician’s age and die as they try to cure or slow our own inevitable date with the Grim Reaper.
Robin Williams is missed.  He’s a victim of those mental illness secrets we’ve not yet discovered.  This is a wake up call to watch those people close to us that need us to make them laugh. 


Anonymous said...

Robin Williams was a brilliant comedian
and in addition a gentle soul, a believable actor.

I met him once at the Improv on Melrose and he loved my gold slippers.

He was always uplifting, giving and loving to everyone.

We are all on a journey in life and we don't walk in someone else's shoes, we don't know the pain, they gain on the journey.

It seems that several ailments had taken a toll both mentally and physically including Parkinson's, and he couldn't take it any more - the pain

So lets remember the good.

We laughed with you Robin Williams for nearly 40 years. You were a real sweetie!

This is Mork calling Orson...Come in Orson -

Anonymous said...

"To the memory of those who made us laugh:The motley mountebanks, the clown, the buffoons, in all times and in all nations, whose efforts have lightened our burden a little."..from the movie Sullivan Travels with Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake 1942 ..a great comedy...How important humor is in our fragile lives.