Sunday, April 22, 2007

Unbelievable Liberal Madness At Boston’s Emmanuel College

We all know there is a difference of opinion as to how gun control played out at VT and the horror there last week. We may be divided on the issue of how to stop these things but we all agree that the senseless violence that took the lives of the innocent victims was indeed beyond horrible. Boston’s Emmanuel College fired professor Nicholas Winset over this four-part video. So much for the free flow of ideas in a college that’s been turned into a Communist reeducation camp.

A news story about this college insanity is here


Anonymous said...

paul im addicted to your blog. youve become my long distance blog (vlog) trainer. ive learned alot from your blog to assist me in mine. and i should give you much credit. bill

Anonymous said...

After I reviewed the the Officer down memorial page and pulled the histories of Boston police officers killed on/off duty by felony acts. I noticed a sick trend. Boston liberals free Boston cop killers.

Detective Sherman C. Griffiths
eow 1988

The suspect, an illegal immigrant, was acquitted of murder charges in 1990 after his trial was moved to a different part of the state in a change-of-venue. After the trial the INS deported him back to his native Jamaica.

Officer Jeremiah J. Hurley Jr.
EOW 1991

The bomb had been attached to the bottom of a car and fell off in the driveway. It was built by the bomber to kill his boyfriend's father. The bomb builder was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, but that conviction was overturned and he was re-sentenced in 2007 to serve 37 years. The boyfriend was also convicted and served 12 years
before being released.

Police Officer Thomas F. Rose
EOW 1993

Officer Rose was shot and killed with his own weapon after letting an inmate out of his cell to make a phone call. The suspect was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to 26 - 30 years

Detective John James Mulligan
EOW 1993

Detective Mulligan was shot and killed while working a private detail. He was shot five times in the face, execution style, as he sat in his car.

Two suspects were tried and convicted of first-degree murder in 1995, but one suspect had his conviction overturned in 2000 when he plea bargained for manslaughter. In February 2006, the suspect admitted his participation in the execution-style killing of Detective Mulligan. He is eligible for parole in summer 2006.

These sentences and paroles upon cop killers speak for themselves concerning Boston liberal Judges & Juries.

Now are you surprised at this liberal madness?

Anonymous said...

It is compelling to witness a sane man in the midst of stupidity and chaos. What a lesson he impressed on his students. As I watched the unfolding VT tradgedy with my teen-age son, I said "Do not get shot like an animal under a desk. Attack first, use anything as a weapon and don't stop using it until your sick attacker is down, disarmed and fully disabled."
If we are to teach our children survival, it will not be though the imbecillic, moronic whining about gun control. The wrong people always HAVE the guns, the victims do not. What do we not understand about that fact?