Thursday, April 26, 2007

Spector Lawyer Guts the Prosecutor

Left to right Roger Jay Rosen, Phil Spector and Linda Kinney-Baden

Spector’s lead lawyer, Bruce Cuttler has his brash style but leading the charge in the defense opening statement is Linda Kenney-Baden. Kenney-Baden specializes in forensic evidence matters that will make or break this case. Kenney-Baden shot the prosecutions theory full of holes and promised to deliver a who’s who list of forensic experts that will make it clear to the jury that Lana Clarkson died by her own hand.

Linda Kenney-Baden is an gifted lawyer, author and happenes to be the wife of leading forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden. So far this attorney has made an impressive splash into Spector’s legal nightmare. Kenney-Baben has the right stuff to satisfy any CSI influenced jury members. She has a knack for explaining complicated scientific evidence with short sentences and simple words.

Today the tables turned in the Spector trial circus. Folks you heard it from me Phil Spector is going to get his life back.


Anonymous said...

I hope he fries for killing that woman.

Anonymous said...

The case was so full of holes from the get go that I was amazed they ever filed charges. What did it take them? A full year of investigation?

Here's a clue: just because police arrest you and you're charged with a crime, it doesn't mean you're guilty.

Anonymous said...

You may pimp for that headcase all you want Mr. Paul, but that freak killed that woman! God is watching you Mr. Paul - and HE knows that shaking handed bastard pulled that trigger. You see, the freak had pulled guns before on woman BUT his hand wasn't shaking back in those years, like it is now, and so when he went through his old "gun in mouth" to force her do his freaky sex scene stuff routine" with Ms. Clarkson, his shaking hand accidently or on purpose pulled the trigger.. But Paul baby, it's still MURDER and deep in your cop heart you know it is too. So rant as you may, it's a free country, but you won't get him off. That Phil monkey is on the "last train to Clarksville" - excuse my play on words there but i'm sure you DIG IT! Just old copper having his say.

Anonymous said...

"Folks you heard it from me Phil Spector is going to get his life back."

Paul, you've got it all wrong.

He needs to get life.

Mike said...

No matter which side you're on. Facts are facts and they will prove what happened, whether it is the proof we want to see or not. Anything other than that is unsubstantiated conjecture and innuendo.

Anonymous said...

This Spector guy is strange, but there is allot of resonable doubt. i dont see enuf to prove he's innocent. but they are instructed to not find him guilty, if there is 'any' doubt.

the cornoners report being changed from suicide to homicide was huge.

xcop private eye.

Anonymous said...

phil as a private eye that's done hundreds of criminal defense cases. i must say the best principle we can have, is to be impartial and objective. once we ever give 'opinions' we've lost our credibilty. unless your being paid as thee 'expert' in trial. PI's MUST never give opinions re our investigations. we are only to find the truth and support it with facts. and when we've freed the wronfully accused GREAT. or if we've free'd one that was wrongfully prosecuted GREAT. but in his trail, now that it mo than a couple days old, it appears that only attys commiting unethical acts are the defense.

criminal defense investigator

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

A PI working on a case must have an opinion and service his client in a lawful and above board fashion. That opionion needs to be guarded unless it's needed as evidence.

A PI who is not involved in the case and happens to be an opinionated son of a bitch as well as a blogger better have an opinion and express it well!

As for those bogus allegations that have surfaced through Spector's former and fired defense lawyer's workers they are both meritless and vindictive.