Saturday, April 07, 2007

Friendly Fire Fells Career FBI Agent In New Jersey

52 year-old FBI Special Agent Barry Bush was accidentally shot and killed by another agent duiring a surveillance operation on a group of three suspects wanted for robbing several banks in central New Jersey.

Bush was in a car that tried to block one suspect acting as a scout for his accomplices outside the PNC Bank in Readington, New Jersey. A van full of agents pulled up next to the suspect's car, and one of the agents accidentally fired his rifle as he exited the vehicle.

The FBI and legendary Director, J. Edgar Hoover were victims of their own over-promotion. They have given themselves an undeserved reputation as an elite and superior force with training that is somehow far beyond that of mere policemen.

The effectiveness of police combat techniques are shaped by a combination of training and actual field experience with violent and near violent encounters with dangerous criminals. Hoover was a world class PR man who could have made millions with ad campaigns. The public’s perception of FBI agents, have been formed by over playing their shootouts with bank robbers. Local cops deal with many more bank robbers than all of the FBI’s finest.

FBI agents for the most part really don’t become involved with that many dangerous criminals. Their prey is a more often older White Collar criminals these days. They arrest more people for nothing more than simply lying to them during interviews. Martha Stewart and crooked politicians are just not known for violent encounters.

Street cops on the other hand get superior firearms training and lots of experience with violence at every level of arrest they make. Cops have to use their side arms nearly every day. Thankfully they can control these encounters and rarely ever have to even fire a single shot. Crossfire scenarios are the constant companion of street cops and not FBI agents.

An even more horrible and tragic event took the life of rookie Special Agent Robin Ahrens in Phoenix

If you look at FBI line of duty deaths in recent years you can quickly see that they have had more than their share of mishaps involving their own firearms. FBI agents just don’t have the street crime experience and it shows. I think perhaps FBI agents need to spend a few months interning in a hot local police district as part of their training.

On its face this latest case looks to be an act of negligence, but without all the facts I’m withholding judgment until I know more.


Anonymous said...

I see that the FBI is as well trained as they were at Waco and Ruby Ridge!I always teach my students not to touch the trigger until they intend to shoot.

Anonymous said...

"Cops have to use their side arms nearly every day. Thankfully they can control these encounters and rarely ever have to even fire a single shot."

How do they use sidearms every day?

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Cops respond guns out and ready on hot calls felony stops and while making arrests. The cops routinely use their guns for control. Because cops keep situations in control using their side arms at the ready, firing shots is rarely needed.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of pencil neck geeks, secrataries with guns. Hey at least when a street cop goes bad, they wern't selling national security secrets to enemy counties, as FBI agents has.

I say lets get rid of the agency there not needed. As jay Leno said "Hey they got Martha Stewart, but where's Osamma." If Betty Crocker were still alive they'e book her for a lying about her recipes. Do you know how many times crooks have lied to me as a beat Cop? Did I take it peronsal? Of coarse not, I sucked it up like a ream man.

Anonymous said...

What's really sad is they will not admit it was a neglegent dischage (as video below.) Therefore no one will learn from this grave mistake. And it be a lose-lose situation. Rather than a lose-win situation. The dead agent proably was the only one that may have had street and combat experiance. What a shame.

Anonymous said...


That says it all...

Anonymous said...

It's not only the FBI accidently shooting their own, check out the Officer Down site, there are a number of accidental shootings by police officers, one was even a trained SWAT team member. Stupid mistakes handling firearms.

Anonymous said...

Obviously all these posts were made by people who have all the answers and think they'd be awesome Agents if only the FBI would have hired them, except they could'tn get in because of those darn background checks. Keep defending citizens by typing really tough talking Posts.