Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Televised Trial Better Is For Spector

The trial of legendary record producer Phil Spector will be getting underway as they pick a jury beginning March 19th. This of course is over the death of 40 year-old Lana Clarkson four years ago this past February.

I say a televised trial is better because the jury in that case can be counted to disobey every order to avoid media accounts. If you believe the jury is not going to seek out information you also believe in the Tooth Fairy. The Spector jury will be running every witness through Google on their home computers as they look for future book deals.

Having said that at least Spector can get a level playing field by getting his information out that trial Judge Larry Paul Fidler refuses to allow the jury to hear. The jury will hear and read it all anyway. Judge Fidler won’t be able to stop the runaway misconduct. The fruits of the misconduct will cut both ways.

I have examined this case carefully and saw early on that it screams, Reasonable Doubt. Was it an accident? Suicide? Manslaughter? Murder? Take your guess, any guess. That’s all you can do is guess.

Was the pretty actress, Lana Clarkson depressed? I got the word direct from her long time, dear friend, actress Sally Kirkland who vigorously disputes that theory. Kirkland is very sincere in her belief. The problem is that Lana Clarkson was under the influence of drugs and alcohol that night. That may well have turned a happy and well-adjusted lady into a disturbed lady. Drugs do alter moods in human beings. People do stupid and risky things under the influence of drugs.

Two witnesses, a cop and a limo driver have claimed Spector made incriminating statements. I say hogwash! When sudden tragedy strikes involved people say all kinds of things as they go out of their way to accept blame while they’re in a total state of shock. Speaking of shock, an Alhambra cop used his new Taser stun-gun-toy on Spector when Spector did not move fast enough for him.

Next comes the prosecution parade of anyone or everyone that ever hated Phil Spector. The old girlfriends Spector jilted have been pulled out from under rocks to say Spector was a nasty violent guy when they dated him 30 years ago. They will all be lining up outside bottom-feeder, Gloria Alred’s door looking for a sleazy book deal.

Something wonderful happens when people testify to the masses on national TV. People who know the real truth hear the lies while they watch the witnesses on TV. That’s exactly what brought LAPD homicide detective Mark Furhman down when he got caught lying under oath during the O.J. Simpson trial.

Lawyers turned extortionists, crappy lawyers, former employees along with publicity seeking cops and prosecutors, have victimized Spector for their own ends since the day of this event. At the same time book authors have pummeled Spector with hate in order to sell books.

Cops are claiming that the ammunition involved with the Clarkson death is very rare. The gun was a Colt, Cobra, old model that was popular in the mid 1960s. The most popular ammunition people bought in the 1970s Smith & Wesson brand, hollow-point rounds. Speer ammunition was also present in this revolver and that ammunition is anything but rare. Smith & Wesson stopprd making that ammunition years ago but a large percentage of the original buyers still have some.

The prosecution of Phil Spector stinks. The jury should see past the horrible death of Lana Clarkson long enough to be fair to Phil Spector who has no history of killing anyone in his 66 years on this earth.

Was this a crime? It depends how the jury will guess. Guess work should always be favorable to Phil Spector or any defendant.


Anonymous said...

Not wanting to be flippant Paul, but do you know if that's his real hair, or a wig? Thanks

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I have seen Spector in all manner of hairstyles, earthly and extraterrestrial. It’s a good thing he will be tried in L.A. where the jury pool won’t be from this planet.

Based on some search warrant related information Spector has a collection of wigs for all occasions. I guess search warrants are invasive and violate privacy.

Anonymous said...

are you nuts? spector IS a whack job and he did murder the lana chick. further, sally kirkland is ALSO a whack job and everyone in hollywood knows she is a head case. she can't testify about another ladies mental state when she's a nut herself, as well as a lesbo. good luck if you truly think spector did not murder lana.. in our heart of hearts we all know he did. he's a drug addict, boozer, who has pulled guns on others in the past. ask the rock band guys he produced.. and because of his money he thinks he's above the law. ps i love your blog! an ex-cop