Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bob Lind Gave His Fans A Magic Carpet Ride Tonight In Altadena, CA

The gifted troubadour, poet, and songwriter gave us incredible energy and a magic carpet ride through his songs, guitar playing and harmonica music. This was at the intimate venue of The Coffee Gallery Backstage at 2029 N Lake Ave in Altadena. This house regularly puts up this kind of entertainment for their clientele.

Lind’s 1966 mega-hit, Elusive Butterfly was as delightful as ever even without violins. The good news is that Lind has more shows yet to do in Southern California on his current tour. You can catch Lind next Saturday night at McCabe’s Concert Hall in Santa Monica if they still have tickets left.

I was able to videotape the entire show tonight. We will have to see just what Lind’s handlers will let me post on the blog if anything. Of course Bob Lind has his own website and there are some songs posted there. Lind has some of his CDs in tow with him on this tour that lucky fans may get him to autograph.

I say get in to see Bob Lind perform while he’s here. It may be a while before he’s back this way again.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this to us Paul. I always wanted to see Bob Lind and I will do that at his march show in my neck of the woods (Santa Barbara)

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, what are you going to do with that video? We want to see it!

Can you at least put up a couple of songs from the show?

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Bob Lind owns his own image and work product. Like all performers, people who steal royalties have ripped off Lind. If you like someone’s great work like Bob Lind’s, simply pay for it! I will let Lind’s handlers make the decision and honor their edict.

Remember even Lind has not yet seen the tape! He needs to see it before his manager can allow me to put any portion of it on my blog.

As for the tape I shot, I’ve reviewed it and it’s wonderful! I would encourage Lind to duplicate the DVDs I’m giving him and sell them on his website. In the meantime I can watch that entire show any time I want!

I know that more DVDs are coming that will showcase this man’s great work. Stay close to for details.