Thursday, February 15, 2007

Commercial Air Travel Insanity

Americans seem to tolerate any sort of punishment that government or corporate organizations can dish out. Missing is the backbone of the human spirit that would allow Americans to draw a line in the sand. Have Americans become too cowardly to demand even the simplest of rights? Have we hidden our fear of raw government power behind a façade of courtesy?

Another horrible example of air travel inhumanity unfolded yesterday at New York’s JFK airport as a planeload of passengers headed to Cancun vacations. Because of weather conditions, the flight was stationary on the tarmac for 10 hours. The passengers were trapped with bad air, overflowing toilets and inadequate food.

It’s really quite simple, the crew either allows the passengers to leave the plane or the passengers exercise the absolute right to escape the nightmare via the emergency exits and chutes. Nobody has a right to incarcerate passengers against their will. We call that kidnapping and Americans have always had the right to even resort to deadly physical force to free themselves.

If 50 passengers exited the plane what could the FAA, TSA or any government body do about that? The passengers that went along with this flight crew deserved the punishment they got for simply being spineless. Here is what WCBS-TV had to say.

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