Thursday, June 27, 2024

Today’s Democrat's and Their Ruthless Exploitation Homelessness

Los Angeles, CA— Growing up in the 1950s and 60’s, I never saw the so-called "homeless people" living in garbage on our streets. Such a sight was unheard of in our cities back then.

The financial impact of homelessness on our cities and population is astronomical. These individuals damage property, set fires, assault, annoy, intimidate, injure, and even kill innocents. The cost of their crimes includes not just the damage they cause, but also the additional expenses for police, criminal prosecution, defense, and judicial services.

In the past, we enforced laws against vagrancy, public intoxication, and drug use. Most importantly, those who were a danger to themselves or others were placed in secure mental heath facilities. However, liberals decided that involuntary commitments and jailing people for "being poor" were inhumane.

In reality, allowing people to live in filth and life-threatening conditions is far more inhumane. Tolerated homelessness has clearly impacted the quality of life in every major city run by Democrats. Allowing these conditions has created huge opportunities for theft and waste of taxpayer money. Despite the politicians throwing huge amounts of money at the problem, we see no discernible or positive results. Their solution? Throw even more money at it.

What's really happening is that numerous nonprofits are being awarded record sums of money that is simply being stolen. These nonprofits, in turn, grease the hands of the corrupt politicians who grant them these lucrative contracts. By opening a nonprofit and contributing to these officials' campaigns, one essentially gets a license to steal.

Those who are unable to care for themselves—clearly mentally ill or addicted to drugs, alcohol, or both—need serious intervention. I don't want to punish these unfortunate individuals. They should be in secure mental hospitals, where they can receive treatment for their health conditions, sleep with clean sheets in warm beds, take daily showers, eat nutritious meals, and perhaps even receive education or vocational training. They can certainly be released if they develop the necessary skills to become reasonably self-sufficient.

Despite billions being spent on homelessness, the problem has only worsened. Clearly, despicable politicians and their friends are profiting at the expense of the most vulnerable people in our society.

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