Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Local Crime News Is Selectively Reported By Today’s Media.

Chicago, Illinois— As everyone knows, our Legacy Media is owned and carefully controlled by Left Wing propagandists.  They report in unison to influence useful idiots and otherwise impressionable people.  As social media has spread, the Legacy Media has lost much of their influence and market share.  As time marched on, the state controlled, Legacy Media has become more vocal and more desperate, stretching their misleading content to the limits.  As a result they have hemorrhaged their viewers and readers. 

Make no mistake if they really want viewers/readers, they must remember rule number one, if it bleeds it leads.  Violence threatens our safety so that’s really why this is so important to everyone.  George Orwell said it best, “Journalism is printing something that someone does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.”  Rule number one has been sidestepped to conform with the current Leftist narratives. 

One real problem for the Legacy Media is that they’ve carefully covered up the race of black criminals whenever possible.  They’ve claimed they’re trying to avoid contributing to stereotypes.  I don’t give a shit what they want to call it, a cover-up is still a cover-up.  Of course, when the shoe is on the other foot where a white person victimizes a black person, that becomes leading headlines.  

The Democrat politicians are really concerned about the backlash against their perennial, facilitation and enabling of criminals.   This is through their continuing efforts to defund, and castrate law-enforcement as they allow criminals to evade being held accountable for their crimes.   

The Legacy Media and left-wing politicians have become bedmates as together they changed the direction of local news dramatically.  Instead of investigating crime, the media only reports what the local police dictates.  Of course, the police and what they tell the media is carefully controlled by the various mayors.  

The various cities are supposed to file accurate crime reports with the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports however, they conveniently and regularly find clever ways around accurate reporting.  Politics before truth is all that matters.  

In Chicago, there is a small social media organization of anonymous reporters and producers.  It is called CWB.  They understand the first rule of news, and if the story doesn’t bleed, they won’t cover it.  They report on  crime as accurately as they can and publish the police booking photos of the criminals. Chicago’s Violent crime is almost exclusively perpetrated by blacks and the mugshots prove this. 

I can only assume CWB wants to stay anonymous to avoid the threats and attacks they would receive for reporting the brutal truth.   If there is something that I wish CWB would do is to employ video to report their stories.  This takes, guts and money because turning a profit for any news, organization is difficult.

So if you’re watching your local news and most of what you see are feel-good, public relations stories that lack any importance to your life this is the current direction of local news.  

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