Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Rebecca Grossman Jury Misconduct is Unraveling

Van Nuys, CA—In every trial jurors are strongly admonished by the Judge to avoid press reports either broadcast, print or Internet.  I learned a long time ago that nearly 100% of the jurors ignore that admonishment doing what they damn well please.  With the Internet it’s so much easier for them to stray.  

It’s not normally a crime per se, but you can be held in contempt for any violation of that kind.  Contempt of court is usually not a big deal, but anyone covering it up or lying about it under oath is looking at a likely felony prison term.  

Investigating that activity was formerly very difficult but because of changes it is not. Such investigations are now doable, but time-consuming.  ISP data shows what websites and the length of the visits.  For any Grossman jurors caught in the dragnet it’s going to be a very nasty.  

I suggest that every Juror on the Grossman case contact the court and come clean while on this while they still can.  The ISP identification numbers on their smartphones and home devices have given them away.  

Jurors can look forward to subpoenas and examination by the court.  By then the penalties will be much more punitive.  It goes back to that old saying, the coverup is always much greater than the original crime.  Again, come clean while you still can.  It will be a lot cheaper than hiring lawyers.  

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