Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Violent Criminals and their Families Hate Stand Your Ground Laws

Los Angeles, CA--In light of the recent shooting death of Travon Martin a criminal minority of people are demanding an end to the Stand Your Ground laws throughout the nation.

For it's only criminals that need their victims unarmed and afraid. Yes, they're learning that criminals can be killed too and that assaulting others now can be a very dangerous endeavor.

Only criminals, bullies, their families and friends could support laws that prevent, particularly older, smaller or weaker folks from a meaningful way to defend themselves. If victims don't appear weak or small, groups of thugs will appear and overpower them.

It is really very simple rather than risk death or injury, thugs need to learn to keep their filthy hands to themselves. Only then they will find themselves unconcerned with Stand Your Ground laws.

We need to bring an absolute end to governments holding crime victims down while criminals rape rob and murder them. What could possibly be so objectionable about that?

There're certainly are a number of grieving single mothers mourning the loss of their not so little thugs. Perhaps if they were better parents, their children would not be out committing these crimes. The problem is really one of a violence culture that remains unchecked in so many inner-city communities.

There can be no excuse or forgiveness for assaulting or otherwise injuring others. Government has no business shielding dangerous criminals from law-abiding citizens protecting themselves and their families.

Unfortunately, inner-city, African-Americans are particularly fond of physical violence to solve their disputes or to take property from others. They must be forced to conform to the same laws and culture as the rest of society.

There is no place for criminal assault in a civilized society. Perhaps with a few thousand additional Trayvon Martins being sent so their makers, thugs will learn how to keep their hands to themselves

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Anonymous said...

Thank GOD somebody that agrees with what I think. I have always thought that Trayvon was a thug wanna be. Looks like the thug got the bad end of the deal in this case huh? I really do feel for the family loosing their son but they needed to monitor their child like any good parent wood do. The only racist issue that I see going on is that the blacks are getting more and more racist everyday and this case just gives them a reason to act the way that they are.