Monday, April 30, 2012

Concealed Carry, Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground Laws Protect the Elderly, infirmed and Women

Trayvon Martin, the 6'2" bully

The case of Trayvon Martin losing his life while attacking George Zimmerman has brought the debate of concealed carry and various laws regulating uses of deadly force in the court of public opinion.
In Chicago two African-American public school teachers were caught on cell phone video telling students that the NRA wants to murder little “porch monkeys.”  That hogwash was and is nothing less than outrageous, racist and divisive propaganda.  Politicians tax us to pay for this kind of education?  I thought it was more important that children learn how to read and write? Certainly that’s not the case in Chicago! 
Many Americans are pacifists or gun rights haters and can’t accept the right the founding fathers gave us all to defend families and ourselves.   That is the law of the land and a simple majority cannot nullify the constitution.   That has never prevented politicians from saddling us with unenforceable laws barred by the Bill of Rights.
The bullies of the world hate surprises.  They want to carefully pick their targets they know don’t have a chance to defeat them.  Bullies everywhere are discovering that many of their intended victims are packing heat, the hard way.  In the vast majority of the cases a shot is never fired but the bully’s fun is stopped cold.
The fact is concealed carry has given the elderly and women a solid and meaningful survival option.  Over the last 50 years state and local governments demanded that the weak had to submit to rape, robbery and murder.   The carrying of a weapon for self-defense would stigmatize them with a lifetime criminal history.
Laws preventing the bearing of arms can victimize only law-abiding and productive taxpayers.  If arrested or convicted they lose their jobs and business licenses.
A concealed weapon conviction has always had a no effect on dangerous criminals.  Amazingly these charges are the ones used to offer sweetheart plea bargain deals.  They dismiss felony charges for a guilty plea on a misdemeanor gun pinch. The criminal is then free to victimize many more people!
Gun control has always been counter-productive in America.  The locations with the most draconian gun laws always grow more violent with each new gun law. The jurisdictions with minimal gun prohibitions never see an increase in violence and on the contrary crime has been reduced.
We must legalize self-defense to protect the weakest members of our society.  They are our parents, wives and daughters.  We must end the un-American policy of requiring victims to prove they were acting in self-defense return the burden of proof where it belongs.
Stand your ground laws guarantee that nobody has to turn his or her backs on an attacker and become even more vulnerable.  What about the intended victim with bad feet who can’t run or a woman in high heels? 
This is really more about ending the tolerance of criminals that cannot seem to keep their stinking hands to themselves. Why must we continue to accept that kind of criminal act?  Frankly we need to let them suffer the consequences of Darwin’s Law.  


Anonymous said...

I pray that the recent Heller decision is a sign that the pendulum is starting to swing back to the right a bit.

Anonymous said...

Shoot and scoot!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I pray that the recent Heller decision is a sign that the pendulum is starting to swing back to the right a bit.

April 30, 2012 5:08 PM

It will be a short lived victory if Obama gets re-elected.He will have a chance at appointing 2-3 left wing US Supreme Court Justices,swing the court to the left for decades.

Anonymous said...

I live in Florida. People are nervous. The thinking is Mr. Zimmerman will be found innocent, and then - who knows? Second degree murder is a ridiculous charge. No eye witnesses, and one guy can't tell his side of the story. How can they prove second degree murder beyond a reasonable doubt? People here are talking to their friends and neighbors about what they will do if things get bad.