Thursday, March 15, 2012

First Order of Business for a Lame Duck, Barack Obama will be Pardons for his Criminal Pals.

Washington, DC—As the shredders are destroying evidence and the movers are placing Barack Obama’s household goods into Chicago bound trucks presidential pardons will be flying everywhere.

At the very top of the pardon list will be Obama’s crooked cronies, Tony Rezko and former Govenor Rod Blagojevich.

Blagojevich, 55 unceremoniously passed through the doors at FCI Englewood prison in Littleton, Colo. to begin serving his 14-year sentence. The way I see it he has less then ten months before he will get his well deserved pardon.

One of Obama’s other pals, Anton “Tony” Rezko is another crook serving time at Club Fed. He will get his pardon too.

The Rezko and Blagojevich pardons are the payback for not snitching on Obama to save their own skins. Pardons as a quid pro quo are demonstrative of the Chicago way.

Additionally I believe that all members of the SDS, Weather Underground, Black Panthers or other subversive groups convicted of federal felonies no matter how serious will be pardoned too.

That will be the end of a very sad chapter of a failed American president. I’m sure that Rezko and Blagojevich are not looking forward for a second term for Obama.


Anonymous said...

Gotta disagree, Paul.

1. Obama will not return to Chicago. My money is on Hawaii or a friendly foreign country.

2. Rezko will get the pardon. Blago will not.

Anonymous said...

Its like a sick joke that this guy is even President.

Anonymous said...

Paul, kudos to your foresight. Like Clinton, he'll surely stoop as low.

Mt Greenwood Hillbilly said...

Agreed. Rezko and Blago will both get pardons.

JOHN J FLOOD said...

The President gave a pass to G W and crew for war crimes they brag of -

these matters of the men noted -

minor to that egregious lack of action

in letting those two guys and their crew escape accountability

Anonymous said...

Damn, I was gonna ask Patty out on a date once she got good and lonely. Oh well. ;)