Friday, November 25, 2011

Information Needed On Scottsdale Justifiable Homicide

Scottsdale, AZ—The November 10th fatal shooting behind the CVS pharmacy at Pima and Pinnacle Peak Roads is still under investigation by the defense team headed by Phoenix attorney, Richard D. Gierloff.

There are still unanswered questions about battery and used golf cart store proprietor, Paul “Tom” Pearson, 50 (DOB 02-17-61), his habits and business dealings.

Don’t assume for a second that the information you may possess is already known. Please, out of simple fairness and necessity please share it with the defense team.

Thomas' personal vehicle sported a dealer’s plate registered to his battery business that is a licensed motor vehicle dealership. The problem is they were not selling cars. Such use of a dealer’s plate is in violation of state law.

There are many unanswered questions bout Pearson and why he used his own three-ton vehicle as a deadly weapon threatening David Appleton for nearly two miles in busy Scottsdale traffic.

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Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I have ignored some friends of Pearson or outright troll’s comments on my postings. I won’t be a party to the distribution of false evidence or unfounded rumors that damage the reputation of David Appleton.

Some of the nonsense addressed by the Pearson apologists follows:
Why didn’t Appleton simply drive away when Pearson ran up to his car window or at least roll up the window?

Pearson already demonstrated he was on a mission to assault Appleton by chasing him through busy and dangerous Scottsdale traffic. Had Appleton tried to drive away the chase would have continued and endangered lives along the way.

As for rolling up the window, that’s hardly any protection at all since simply breaking the window would have sent hundreds of small bits of glass into Appleton’s face.

Perhaps Appleton should have fled another mile or two where there is a police station. Police stations in Arizona are locked tightly and that’s hardly any protection. Of course how many people will be endangered by the continuation of Pearson’s wild chase to the station?

Then there are the statements of Pearson’s cousin about what she claims Pearson was telling her over the telephone. Aside from the fact this cousin did not call the police herself even when she said Pearson made the verbal challenge over Appleton’s production of a gun. The cousin did call Pearson’s wife Vicki and even more troubling was even she did not call the police. The fact is that Vicki knew her husband had a temper that might lead to unthinkable results.

The contents of those telephone calls will never see the inside of any courtroom because it is hearsay evidence and inadmissible for either the state or the defense to use to their advantage.

Aside from all that conjecture a person in Arizona being assaulted need not retreat and is allowed to stand their ground. Additionally the Arizona Castle Doctrine law allows the use of deadly force to end an assault or any felony committed in an occupied home or motor vehicle.

The last silly conjecture suggests that Appleton somehow lured Pearson into this dangerous confrontation waiting for him to cross the line into this justifiable shooting. Even if that was true it would not be a crime.

The days of the government protecting thugs, rapists, robbers and murderers in Arizona are long over. Arizona has legalized self-defense.

Anonymous said...

Tom's marrige was crumbling because of money and other problems. The wife's scottsdale art gallery folded a year ago. I know Vicki will be glad to move on to a new and better chapter in her life.

Tom's temper was no secret.