Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Chicago’s Gun Free Zone is Killing Criminals Again!

Chicago, Il--For the third time in three weeks a banned handgun was used to shoot a felon during the commission of a violent crime!

It was just after 1:00 PM today when an armed robbery was attempted at the Fullerton Pawners, 5900 W. Fullerton by at least three suspects. The unidentified pawnshop owner opened fire on the robbers killing one and it’s believed he may have wounded a second. Police are intensively searching for the other two robbers at this hour.

It was just yesterday when Chicago police superintendent, Jody “J-Fled” Weis was parroting the philosophy of his boss, Mayor, Richard M. Daley.

Within the next three Mondays the United States Supreme court will tell the world about the lack of legitimacy of Chicago’s Gun Ban. Most legal experts agree the ban will end for good.

Again, the law passed by the Illinois Legislature after the Wilmette, case where Hale DeMar shot a home invader will block the prosecution of the store owner for passion of a banned handgun.

It looks like Chicago’s citizens have jumped the gun so to speak as they are getting ready for the return of their gun rights after 30 years. More lives saved by defensive use of firearms which is an absolute right for any sane, sober and law-abiding citizen.

Here is the shop's owner:


Ed Skinner said...

Sounds great for Chicago-ans. (But we would be naive to not expect some abuses as well.)

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

There is always lots of abuse of guns by criminals. Now the playing field is getting leveled and that’s much better for the good guys!

Fiftycal said...

And now King Daley is going to try more tricks, like not printing "applications", requiring multiple trips across town to an office that's only open from 3-4 PM every other Thursday, etc. Well, he must like losing and PAYING a lot. And of course most of these hoops are just designed to keep the POOR from getting guns.

You know, if the right to keep and bear arms is a FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT, as the Supreme Court ruled today, WHY should anyone have to pay ANYTHING? Daley's tricks to keep the poor from being able to afford to exercise their RIGHT is just like the POLL TAX! And must and will be fought and found unconstitutional.