Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Obama Presidency is Disintegrating--Respect is Fading Fast

Washington, DC—The Office of President of the United States is one that American’s have been taught to respect. I have always respected our presidents even if I disagreed with them, until now.

Barack Obama is very different. He has been on an obvious mission to destroy the free market, our currency, our Constitution and freedom. He wants to recreate America as a Socialist State as he enslaves Americans in the process. I have said many times that Obama is a Communist and traitor in possession of our Whitehouse.

In November 2010 the Obama loyalists in our Congress will get the bums rush by angry taxpayers. If Obama is still President by then, he can count on the reality of investigations and Impeachment. He can also expect a full investigation into his citizenship and birth matters aided with Congressional Subpoenas.

Evidence that proves Obama was ineligible to serve because of birth will not end in Impeachment. Since he was unqualified to serve the whole election becomes undone and every official act and law signed by him becomes null and void.

You can’t impeach someone who is not lawfully in office. I’m not sure if Obama can be prosecuted for misleading people about his birth. Remember Obama has never once publicly answered questions about his origin or denied he was born in Africa as his own grandmother has insisted.

Now we have a flap over a Rolling Stone magazine article called the “Runaway General”. Obama has virtually zero support from America’s military or police and he knows that. Of course the military command staff has to generate the appearance of respect under the difficult circumstances. Even the appearance of respect seems to be failing as the Whitehouse is recalling General Stanley A. McChrystal over the flap.

I can predict that Obama will be even more secretive in the coming months as he hunkers down to protect his ability to continue with the destruction of America.

One thing for sure, America and its freedom have never been in more danger. We can only hope this Obama nightmare too, shall pass.


Anonymous said...

When a president can control the "thinking of one of our best Generals, you know you're in Chicago & Red China's mode of politics.. Freedom of speech is for Generals too not just blacks in Chicago with big mouths like oboma. Seems only con man like oboma have the right to do anything they wish in violation of other peoples rights. Tonight, in the East Room of our White House, Oboma will throw a dinner party for all the GAY PRIDE folks.. It's true - NPR Radio announced it this morning. So tonight we buy a bunch of queers dinner/drinks on our tax dollar - tomorrow he will sing a bill giving homo's and lez's twelve weeks paid leave from their jobs to raise "their" adopted kids! So now we pay for queers to pick up boys and girls and teach them how to be queers. I'm glad i'm on my way out - i only feel sorry for my kids who have to live in this messed up world that oboma is making here in the once great USA. He's a ,muslim and a homo himself - i trust the world of that limp driver male homo who publicly stated he had sex with oboma and snorted some coke doing it! Remember this? When have we had enough of this bums crap??? VOTE HIM OUT ASAP!

Amusing Bunni said...

Let's hope obama gets impeached soon.
If not, we will take back America, starting in
Nov. 2010. Then Issa and all his lawyers will go over this traitors background with a fine tooth comb, and all his horrid destruction will be reversed!