Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Gun Control Sensationalism And Myth As A Propaganda Tool

Los Angeles, CA—In the movie making capitol of the world there are few if any films that don’t include the use or misuse of a firearm. In addition to the fantasy creations are the magical powers the special effects can provide to the effectiveness of movie guns.

We’ve all see the shootings where the victim (usually a bad guy) is shot by some cop. The victim flies backwards over a parked car and through a plate glass store window. No modern handgun, rifle or shotgun is capable of doing that.

In that early James Bond film, From Russia with Love the hero used the pictured Armalite AR-7 rifle with a small scope to bring town an enemy helicopter with two crew members in a spectacular explosion. I guess an impossible shot like that is what makes him and not me, James Bond. That little AR-7 rifle he used fires the tiny .22 long rifle bullets picture above. Yes, a .22 can cause a fatal wound to a human being or game animal. No, it won’t blow up a helicopter!

Next are the wildly popular war carbines, the M-16, M-4 and Ak-47 weapons copies. Unlike their military lookalikes, these legal these carbines are not machine guns. They only fire one round for each pull of the trigger.

These weapons are much lower powered that your grandfathers shotgun! The lightweight ammunition allows for more of it to be carried by soldiers. The war where their value was established was in the jungles of Viet Nam. Little cover but lots of concealing vegetation made the penetrating rifle rounds from the venerable M-1 Garand and the later M-14 too big and too heavy for soldiers.

The soldiers could carry and shoot twice as many rounds with a big trade off in power and penetration. Outside of the jungle the 5.56 or .30 Russian round is too underpowered for combat.

I have to laugh at the ignorant gun haters that love to say, “you don’t hunt deer with an AK-47.” The suggestion is that the poor deer would be turned into a well-done burger with a single shot from some weapon with massive power. The problem with using those modern small underpowered war rounds is that wounding rather than a clean painless killing of the deer would happen. That’s not to say a skilled hunter could not accomplish a quick kill of a deer with these weapons. The question is why risk having an innocent deer suffer before it gets consumed at a dinner table?

Gun rights advocates have always demanded their liberty to use firearms for defense of country, family and self. The Second Amendment was not promulgated to protect the right to hunt.

Americans are guaranteed the right to meaningful self-defense with small arms that include those demonized, Saturday Night Specials and Assault Weapons loaded with those dreaded, Cop Killer Bullets!

The legislative and congressional lawmakers who dream up and vote on those unconstitutional gun laws have zero experience with firearms other than what they saw in the movies. They are ignorant, fearful and only work from the emotional side of the gun control debate. Their lack of knowledge makes them unqualified to begin to regulate firearms.

Of course why go after the criminals that misuse weapons, when you can attack everyone who owns a gun? Gun laws work really well. Just ask the murder victims who were denied by law the right to possess, carry or use a gun for self-defense.

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Anonymous said...

"the right to keep and bear arms"

That would include fully automatic submachine guns,assault rifles,GPMGs,mortars,rocket launchers,rifle grenades,hand grenades,recoiless rifles,tanks,APCs,IFVs,ETC......