Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Horrific Beating By Chicago Policemen Caught On Tape

An off duty 20th District tactical officer is in very hot water today for his Feb. 19th, apparently unprovoked attack on a lady bartender on Chicago’s Northwest side. I like to avoid these stories but this one needs attention.

Officer Anthony Abbate, 38 faces a two to five-year prison term for Aggravated Battery along with swift and certain firing from the position of public trust he’s held for over 12 years.

In addition to the Aggravated Battery felony charge is an allegation of witness tampering.

Officer Abbate has destroyed his own future and brought tremendous embarrassment down on all of his fellow officers with his shocking behavior.

I will be following this case through the court system and you can learn the results right here.

A Chicago Tribune with security video can be seen here.


Anonymous said...

paul i just went to email you to see if you knew about this, and i saw you too posted it. check my pice out, u know where im at


Levois said...

A very unfortunate story and I'm glad you addressed it. Everynow and then there are stories of how police officers will go off on people for no reason. Some threaten their children's teachers or they yell at a bus driver for cutting them off. This is just as bad if he were either on duty or off.