Friday, April 19, 2024

Guns, your family needs for self-defense.

Chicago, IL— I don’t care where you live in the world, sooner or later your town is going to experience war or a serious uprising.  Today, there’s no dispute that the police are simply unable to respond in time to stop any major crime in progress.

A gun or guns does not make you smarter, taller or braver.  Your weapons only give you a fighting chance to survive. There are no guarantees.  

Like it or not you are the first responder when violence visits you and your loved ones.  Unfortunately, most Americans are totally unprepared to face any significant threat.  

Every family member of suitable age and discretion should be trained in the use of various firearms.  Having plenty of guns but little ammunition is a losing proposition.  Professional training is by far the best.  When it comes to safety and conflict avoidance, everyone should become anal retentive.  You should avoid purchasing cheap guns unless you cannot afford anything else. 

Now, just what guns should a family own?   First of all, everyone should have a suitable handgun, preferably semi automatic.  They should very from 9 mm, .45 caliber and .40 caliber.  Because of ammunition availability issues mixing the handgun calibers simply makes sense.  A quality holster is a must.  

Shoulder fired weapons are definitely required.  Let me begin America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15 in 5.56 MM.  For the elderly and the handicapped this platform rifle is much easier to use than any handgun.  Secondly, I suggest a semi-automatic .12 gauge Law enforcement style shotgun that can accept 3 inch magnum shells.  The third weapon should be a decent .308 rifle with at least a four power scope.  The fourth weapon I recommend is a semi automatic 22 rifle such as the Ruger 1022.  .22 caliber ammunition is substantially less expensive.  

If these weapons are owned by a properly trained family of four They can put up a formidable defense for homes and small businesses.  

Today’s criminals run in packs unlike days of the past, when you would face only one or two criminals now you may face as many as a dozen.   

You must always be aware that if you shoot at attackers from your home you may find that they set your house on fire.  Always try to find a nearby position of cover or concealment to return fire.  

Aside from firearms, you need some solid trauma, first aid training.  You will need a trauma kit that contains tourniquets, combat style pressure dressings, hemostatic agents and plenty of gauze for packing wounds.   In times of war or unrest is going to be difficult or impossible to have an ambulance or paramedics respond to your injuries. 

Additionally, I hope that you are reasonably stocked with water and non-perishable food because those shortages always happen during the most difficult times.  

Please stay safe and prepared, and hopefully you can coordinate with trusted neighbors, friends, and relatives.  

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