Saturday, February 23, 2013

Germany is Serious About Making Great Films!

Andrea Fleckenstein at Villa Aurora
Pacific Palisades, CA—High upon a scenic ocean view bluff here is a fabulous villa that was a refuge for Jewish artists that fled from the horror of Adolph Hitler and National Socialism during that terrible war. 
Today, decades later Villa Aurora is an epicenter for resident German artists of various disciplines including filmmakers.   There are a lot of special events held here like the one I attended today with my dear and beautiful friend Andrea Fleckenstein who is again visiting from Berlin. 
This was a terrific pre-Oscar Award party honoring actors, producers, and directors who are currently nominated for that coveted little gold statuette.   It was nothing short of terrific to meet so many talented and classy German film industry people all in one place. 
I have a pet German film project of my own and what a great place it was to network with people serious about making quality films.

The German government supports filmmakers with generous grants simply because it keeps filmmakers employed and at the same time pumps tax money back to the government. 
You can expect to see more German made films in English as this great nation competes with Hollywood for theater seats and DVD sales. 

This marvoulous event was hosted by Oliver Mahadt.  Mahrdt is the USA and Canada Representative of German Films.


Anonymous said...

But will any of them make it to screens in the U.S. ? In a major market like Chicago, for example, "art" films (just about anything that doesn't have Tom Cruise or a vampire in it) are only shown downtown, in Evanston, and in Lake Forest; basically the north shore only.

Anonymous said...

What a great place.