Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Has Accused Killer Christopher Dorner Become a Folk Hero?

Los Angeles, CA—Fired LAPD cop Christopher Dorner has bared his tortured soul in a manifesto of sorts he’s posted both on Facebook and on a military website where he made regular contributions.
In his essay Dorner complained that members of the LAPD were racist and victimized him because he was Black and because he reported brutality by his female field-training officer.   He also threatened numerous lives as he pledged allegiance to his heroes and causes of the political Left.  Dorner adamantly condemned American’s rights to keep and bear arms. 
Dorner is believed to have acted out on his deadly threats with the vengeance killing of three people that have nothing whatsoever to do with the any of the wrongs he complained about.  That staggers the imagination and seems to indicate Dorner is at war with society.
I’ve written several articles about Dorner and the investigations into his actions that have captivated my readers internationally.  My readers have commented with profanity, threats of violence and unprecedented nastiness.  I have deleted hundreds of comments accordingly. 
It seems that a significant percentage of the African-American community has began to worship Dorner as a folk hero.  I’ve not seen this since the 1960s when Angelia Davis, George Jackson and the Soledad Brothers and others were canonized as folk heroes after their deadly rampages. 
Dorner now has a price on his head that exceeds $1 million dollars.  The LAPD is suffering from the triple embarrassment of hiring Dorner, botching the internal investigation against him and now failing to capture him.  When you add to the mix cops opening fire on people driving similar truck to Dorner’s the fallout becomes unimaginable.
The LAPD is beyond desperate to see a quick end to this public relations disaster.  The fallout is part of the sickness that has divided this nation to epic proportions not see since the Civil War.  Should the killer of innocent people be elevated to a folk hero?  

Note-I created the above  graphic after a retired cop friend of mine nicknamed Dorner, "RAMBRO".


Richard Armida said...

Have seen facebook postings postulating that he is the victim of an unjust LAPD review board, and that he didn't conform to the "code of silence". In my opinion at least a couple of things may be true: 1) he lost a career opportunity and felt humiliated, that doesn't justify murder; 2) he seems to be an emotionally charged person, a hot head; and sadly 3) the cops ambushing early morning Paper boy Latinas, and ramming the truck of a surfer ain't helping the situation.

Anonymous said...

Rambro. Oooooo. That be racis' an s*it.