Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Obama and The Media Gun Control Push Has Actually Helped Preserve Gun Rights!

Washington, DC—As the Leftist politicians and their media cheerleaders’ dance in the blood of the murdered children of Sandy Hook Elementary School there’s been an information explosion. The big Gun Ban push is backfiring in a big way. The mainstream Obama Administration controlled media has lost their relevance in this information age as the world has turned to the Internet for their news. 

Until recently, the ability to control the message belonged only to the power brokers who purchased ink by the barrel and owned multimillion-dollar TV studios. Now damn near anyone can publish and broadcast information and the content filters have been removed. The absolute and total control over the message has thankfully ended. 

The gun control debate for the last four decades has been carefully crafted and manipulated by power brokers with an agenda to control the population. They have misused and abused bogus studies and brainwashed Americans into giving up their freedom and the ability to protect it along with their families. 

The media shills reported gun stories the exact same way for decades. They’d give face time to politicians and bureaucrats and pretended to offer alternative views by interviewing toothless camouflage wearing men at local gun shops. They’d nearly always avoid interviewing anyone from gun rights organizations such as the NRA. They’d only interview people they could beat intellectually. The media incessantly marginalized American gun owners as ignorant and even violent. 

The American media learned volumes from Josef Goebbels, the Third Reich’s propaganda minister. One of his favorite lines was, “If you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth.” Of course the Third Reich also wasted no time outlawing civilian possession of firearms as a “public safety’ measure easily facilitating the Holocaust. Perhaps, had the citizens not surrendered their firearms Hitler may well have been overthrown and deposed sparing the lives of six million Jews and nine million Germans? 

Obama and the Far Left gun rights haters have joined forces with the media for the largest Gun Ban effort ever in America. They have beaten their war drums and redundantly repeated the well-worn misrepresentations and outright lies of past decades with a shrill never heard before. 

Obama’s minions are demanding that Americans give up their guns or at lease settle for only ineffective or inferior guns. They want “universal” background checks on anyone receiving a firearm. Of course the mental health records have not and will never be a part of that equation. 

Then there is the issue of fugitives and felons almost never being prosecuted whey they’re caught falsifying federal gun applications. Background checks have been and will continue to be a massive failure. 

Magazine capacity limits would simply neuter someone defending their family against multiple attackers or agents of government tyranny. 

This time the truth has forced it’s way to most Americans and the Obama Administration demands are being challenged by a not so ignorant public. American murder rates in our areas with the least restrictive gun control laws easily rival Japan and Europe. Our big cities run by the political Left with the most draconian gun laws are awash in bloodshed. Those facts can no longer be hidden. 

The UK with its complete gun and knife ban has more murders than the entire United States per capita! Claiming fewer gun murders is hardly more tolerable when you’re no less dead after being strangled or bludgeoned to death. Self-defense is for all practical purposes outlawed in the UK. Women are told to simply submit to kidnapping and rape there. 

The gun debate is out in the open now. America is leaning that the men and women defending of the Second Amendment are actually well educated and wear suits. We are learning that we need not surrender to thugs, rapists and killers. We need no longer wait for some 911 operator to answer the phone or wait for cops to find their way to our homes before we bleed to death.

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Juli Adcock said...

Great post, Paul! Interestingly enough Goebbels learned from Edward Bernays, the "pioneer of shaping public opinion". Our own media is the fruit of his work. As a retired deputy, I'm glad to see that Sheriffs have come out publicly to support the 2nd amendment! I think that the more Americans that write blogs on the Constitution and original writings of the founders, the better off our country will be! I was wondering, did you happen to see Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke's PSA on citizens getting training and concealed carry permits?