Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Christopher Dorner is Now Dead According to LAPD Officials

Angelus Oaks, CA—6:40 PM--Fired LAPD cop Christopher Dorner stayed inside a cabin here after a shootout.  Dorner’s remains were fond in the burning cabin and the circumstances are about to be the subject of a press conference being given by San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department.   
Indications are that Dorner took his own life.


Anonymous said...

George Orwell said "Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations"

In keeping with that - I would not necessarily believe that Chris Dorner took his own life.

I would not believe anything the police have to say. I would need real proof.

And proof is not just because the police say it is so.

First the police sent the press away - so there are NO WITNESSES.

And look at what the police did to two innocent Asian women who were working hard delivering newspapers. That is how fair the police are - in these situations.

Shoot first - & make up stories later! Each backing up the other's version - code of silence.

As Chris Dorner was American Police Enemy No 1 maybe the police took him out much in the same way as the French police took out the French public enemy number 1 in the 1970's in Paris France - Jacques Mesrine -

The link to the movie (in two parts) is below


Please also note: I am very sad and say a prayer for all the victims of Dorner's outrage.

Anonymous said...

The link to the feature film about how the French police took out French Public enemy number 1 brutally in Paris and in public - Jacques Mesrine
is below -

English subtitle versions are available, but the film was never dubbed in English.


Anonymous said...

Update Paul

LAPD denies reports that body of fugitive ex-cop Dorner found

It seems that Chris Dorner's death is not confirmed by LAPD as of 8.31pm feb 12th 2013


Anonymous said...

Are the LAPD saving the announcement that it is sure that Christopher Jordan Dorner perished -

for Valentine's Day?

If this does occur - it would be symbolic of the LAPD announcement being a retaliation, reminiscent of the mob.

It is sad about all the suffering that is going on for the people, the police and their families that have fallen because of Chris Jordan Dorner's rampage. Chris Jordan Dorner had a control issue and could not let go.

It is also sad for some of us, myself included, who know that there would NOT have been any justice for Christopher Jordan Dorner from the LAPD - even if he had NOT gone on a rampage.

Dorner's hatred of police officers got the better of him. In the beginning there was a redeeming quality in Chris Dorner that is - if he was telling the truth regarding the excessive force when he was an LAPD officer.

What happened to Chris Jordan Dorner at the LAPD was not necessarily racism, although he perceived it to be so - instead there is a division between those who love truth and justice and those that don't love it at all. There are plenty working in the justice system of America who don't love truth and justice - but instead who love power, corruption, excessive force, cover-up and the code of silence.

Anonymous said...

Chris Dorner had a charitable side at one time before his tortured soul became intent on torturing others at the LAPD in retaliation for torturing him...

Christopher Jordan Dorner once found $8,000 of church money in the middle of the road and handed it in to police in 2002.

Christopher Dorner was hailed a hero in Enid, Oklahoma, after handed in a bag of cash to police
Said at the time the good deed was 'an integrity thing'


Anonymous said...

Mans military records do not exist.. no hard evidence.. no case.. just like how we dumped osamas body.. since day one I call bullsh*t. another ploy by the tyrant obama to use military drones over US soil. wwwDOTinfowarsDOTcom

Anonymous said...

Dorner was hiding in condo just ACROSS THE STREET from Police command center


Anonymous said...

"Perhaps his brain synapses have been misfiring for a long time, but the core of Dorner’s Manifesto is a coherent account of how a police Explorer Scout realised his life’s dream as a LAPD rookie and then had his reputation and career destroyed for being an honest cop. He debunks the myth – propagated by the LA Times, Mayor Villaraigosa, and most of the liberal establishment – that thanks to Saint Bratton a kinder, gentler and more diverse LAPD now protects and serves Los Angeles.

Indeed Dorner’s eye-witness account of routine sadism, racism and conspiracy in the department is totally in line with its historical institutional culture and was inadvertently fact-checked by the LAPD’s wild shooting of two innocent women and Chief Beck’s kneejerk exculpation of the officers involved. (Those who think that there are no more Rodney Kings should look carefully at the case of the LAPD patrol woman who killed a mentally ill woman last summer by stomping on her genitals.)"

by California Historian, UC Professor Mike Davis