Thursday, February 07, 2013

Fugitive Former LAPD Cop is Working From a Script

Los Angeles, CA—Former LAPD cop Chris Dorner has serious training and it shows that he has planned an intricate, deadly, assault and escape program. 
Most criminals fly by the seat of their pants not really anticipating the efforts by law enforcement to capture or kill them.  However Dorner has apparently been planning his moves for months if not years.  He’s learned how law enforcement can be expected to deal with certain challenges.
It appears that every move Dorner has made was calculated and precise at least under the circumstances.  Dorner has had to plan financing, vehicle acquisition, and supplies.  Perhaps he may even have an accomplice or two.  He knows to avoid credit cards, banks and leaving any sort of data trail.  
It only makes sense that he’d plan to leave misleading clues in certain locations for yet to be determined reasons.   His truck may have been deliberately abandoned and burned to attract attention.  It seems only logical that Dorner wants to make the LAPD suffer in a big way. 
I’m convinced that he’s also taken steps to keep up with what the media is reporting on his activities. 
Dorner may have long ago arranged for safe houses, vehicles and supplies.  He can be counted on knowing a lot about his personal targets and may be able to defeat their defensive efforts. 
Will we see explosives deployed?  What additional cunning attacks has he planned for his victims?  We know that he must make his public and most dangerous movements in the darkness.  Dorner can be counted upon to make sure he’s got plenty of surprise on his side.  
Dorner is working from a script and I bet he knows already whom he wants to play him in the movie.  As for his so-called manifesto, I don’t think Dorner is quite finished and has a lot more to say.
Dorner is operating from hate.  He’s racist himself and sees everything from a twisted perspective.  I’m convinced that he did not make a false report to the department after observing what he felt was excessive force.  He made himself a pariah by ratting off fellow officers and the department chose to label him a liar and fire him.   If he expected the department to welcome his truthful allegations Dorner was a fool. 
The reality is that Dorner wanted the department to live up to what were his expectations of honor.  However in the end Dorner was disgraced and fired.  Dorner could not simply shrug off this government corruption and has resorted to murdering innocents for his revenge.    
It’s such a paradox that Dorner loves Democrats, Obama and government repression in the form of vast corruption and draconian gun controls.   Democratic political appointees run the LAPD.   Did Dorner somehow expect truth and justice from them of all people? 
We certainly can predict how this violent campaign ends because, what’s past is prologue.  Nobody will live happily ever after.  What will we learn from this event?  Absolutely nothing!


Anonymous said...

Chris Jordan Dorner may have had some legitimate grievances against the police, in this case the Los Angeles Police Department

However Chris Jordan Dorner has lost the battle to recover his good name - in his deadly revenge against innocents

But Christ Jordan Dorner is winning one battle in simultaneously exposing what maybe the truth - his story - highlighting the existing problems of law enforcement, disrespect between various "races" gender, corruption, excessive force and cover-up of excessive force or murder, the code of silence etc.

Paul said "The reality is that Doner wanted the department to live up to what were his expectations of honor. However in the end Doner was disgraced and fired. Doner could not simply shrug off this government corruption and has resorted to murdering innocents for his revenge."

Anonymous said...

The police also need to be careful while they are on a man hunt - that they do not jump to conclusions - and shoot innocents like the two Asian ladies who were driving a similar car - delivering newspapers.