Saturday, February 09, 2013

LAPD Rogue Seems To Have Vanished, What’s Next for this Fugitive?

Los Angeles, CA—Fired LAPD cop and murder suspect Christopher Dorner seems to have accomplished his mission, so what’s next for him?  For one thing the FBI will make room for Dorner as their most wanted fugitive.
After talking with three cops that knew Dorner and the profile of him that I have put together I’m convinced I know his evasive methodology.   As we are all aware Dorner is no ordinary fugitive because of his extensive military and law enforcement training.
As I have said before Dorner planned his revenge for months if not years.  He picked his first target carefully.  He wanted to see maximum suffering inflicted upon retired LAPD Captain Randy Quan.  Quan served as Dorner’s lawyer before the Board of Review and Dorner felt betrayed by him.  Quan was incredibly proud of his 28 year-old daughter Monica and like all dads displayed her picture on his desk.  Monica’s killing would understandably devastate the retired cop boss turned lawyer.
At the same time this deed set Dorner apart from nearly all other revenge seekers.  The deed generated massive publicity calling attention to Dorner being railroaded by the LAPD.  This horrible act also insured that most of his fellow cops would be delighted to kill Dorner with a well-placed bullet. 
Dorner had access to full personal data of any citizen he wanted dead or alive so that he could assume their identity.  That means he absolutely has legitimate identification documents including passports generated, I believe in Nevada.
As a former cop Dorner knew full well of solid sources for genuine appearing fake driver’s licenses.  With just one phony ID he could get the real things from many government agencies.  Obtaining credit cards and bank accounts to use would be a breeze. 
His revenge plans had to have included his escape route, tactics for generating future income and a place to live out his life in safety and secrecy.   
If Dorner is ever caught or killed it will be because of serious emotional issues he seems to have.  Suicide seems to be a very popular exit for people in Dorner’s position.   
I can help but think of another high-ranking fugitive, former Phoenix fireman Robert Fisher who is suspected of murdering his wife and children in their Scottsdale home over a decade ago.  
I believe Dorner deliberately left a trail to mislead those hunting for him.  Frankly he may have fled to another country by now.  I would not rule out Dorner joining radical Muslim forces in the Mid-East that would love to give him refuge and rank because of his special status and training. 
On a side note I have received hundreds of comments that I deleted from people that think Dorner is a folk hero.  I think that this incident is being used to by generate race hatred. 
One thing for sure, I want to interview Dorner and get his story now.  I’d love to place his unedited video right on this blog for the entire world to see.  If Dorner wanted to surrender, I’d be pleased to arrange that even to guarantee his absolute safety.  I don’t expect Dorner to surrender in this lifetime but stranger things have happened.
Here is a news story I worked on about Robert Fisher who remains a fugitive today on the FBI’s, Ten Most Wanted.


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