Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Don't let bravado and image choices land you in prison.

Los Angeles, CA—Anyone might find themselves in a situation where using justifiable deadly force becomes necessary. When that happens, police will investigate thoroughly, collecting all available evidence. If you're involved, expect them to obtain a search warrant for your home, vehicles, and storage facilities.

We all enjoy fictional movie heroes like Dirty Harry, Paul Kersey, or John Wick. However, emulating these characters through your appearance, choice of weapons, tattoos, and clothing logos could make it easier for prosecutors to paint you as a violent copycat. A more prudent choice would be to emulate Paul Kersey, the mild-mannered vigilante.

If a liberal prosecutor charges you with using excessive force, they might portray you as a movie-influenced monster. This could extend to your text messages, emails, videos, and social media. Racist and threatening remarks made in jest could be presented to a jury.

While the First Amendment protects your right to express yourself, this freedom may come at a cost. It’s wise to remove provocative images from your life in case you ever need to use justifiable deadly force. Don't assume that a criminal trial for murder, manslaughter, or aggravated assault will be fair. Remember, justice can be elusive.

No, you’re not guaranteed a fair trial, even in America.

Monday, July 08, 2024

Abortion the reality and truth behind Roe v. Wade

Washington, DC—Let me start by saying I don't have a personal stake in this issue. While I find abortion generally troubling, I acknowledge its necessity in many cases. Roe v. Wade is often misunderstood. The Supreme Court should adhere strictly to the Constitution, not sway with public opinion. However, justices sometimes allow their personal political beliefs to influence their decisions, which is problematic.

In Roe v. Wade, the Court legalized abortion through a complex interpretation, declaring an unwritten Right to Privacy. This right, which wasn't explicitly included by the Founding Fathers, was effectively created without a constitutional amendment. To be clear, there has never been an inherent reproductive right or right to choose—these are terms born out of advocacy.

For "pro-choice" advocates, it's important to note that there has never been a simple majority (50%+1) to legalize abortion nationwide, nor a consensus on when abortion should be permitted in terms of weeks or months. The recent Supreme Court, with a different set of justices, reversed the earlier Burger Court's decision, leaving the abortion issue to individual states. In regions like the Bible Belt, opposition to abortion is strong due to deeply held beliefs about the sanctity of unborn life.

Given the longstanding division on abortion, achieving the support needed for a constitutional amendment is unlikely.

The Supreme Court's makeup during the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 was as follows:

1. Harry Blackmun (appointed by Richard Nixon) – wrote the majority opinion.
2. Warren E. Burger (Chief Justice, appointed by Richard Nixon) – joined the majority.
3. William J. Brennan Jr. (appointed by Dwight D. Eisenhower) – joined the majority.
4. William O. Douglas (appointed by Franklin D. Roosevelt) – joined the majority.
5. Thurgood Marshall (appointed by Lyndon B. Johnson) – joined the majority.
6. Lewis F. Powell Jr. (appointed by Richard Nixon) – joined the majority.
7. Potter Stewart (appointed by Dwight D. Eisenhower) – joined the majority.
8. Byron White (appointed by John F. Kennedy) – dissented.
9. William Rehnquist (appointed by Richard Nixon) – dissented.

Sunday, June 30, 2024

When dealing with high crime rates, why should you carry a gun?

Los Angeles, CA—Ultra-left-wing Governor Newsom released over 100,000 dangerous felons from California’s prisons, with many more criminals released from local jails. Newsom and various mayors supported the idea that those arrested and accused of crimes should not have to post bail to ensure their court appearances.

Prosecutors in Los Angeles and San Francisco are simply refusing to file cases against criminals for so-called “social reasons,” aligning with their political agendas. We have a legislature that consistently supports gun bans, despite the clear language of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

California has too many judges who reflect the values of the far-left Democratic party that appointed them, rather than those of the Constitution.

Several factors obstruct truthful crime reporting. One major issue is the excessive wait time to reach 911 emergency operators. It's not unusual for desperate callers to be on hold for up to half an hour. I know of a critical burglary-in-progress call in Los Angeles that was finally answered by police four hours later.

Due to poor police service, people know that reporting crimes like theft and robbery is often futile. Police respond late, rarely make arrests, and if they do, cases rarely proceed to conviction. Without calling the cops, there's no evidence that a crime occurred.

To make matters worse, a frustrated LAPD administrator went public with the fact that the LAPD was deliberately underreporting crime to the FBI and the public. She was heavily disciplined for telling the truth.

San Francisco and Los Angeles both have mayors who hinder the police from doing their sworn duties.

The United States Supreme Court ruled in June 2022 that most gun bans and regulations are unconstitutional. Instead of obeying this ruling, California officials have consistently fought against it, forcing ongoing litigation.

One thing is for sure: the people of California are on their own. They must rely on self-help or receive no help at all. Failing to take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones significantly increases the risk of being murdered.

Regarding the unconstitutional gun laws still on the books in California, it is absolutely necessary to break them. If you plan to use firearms for self-defense, common sense, not laws, dictates that you get appropriate training. Local California governments make obtaining permits prohibitively expensive for some, and the time required to get proper carry permits defeats their purpose. You don’t need permission from these political figures to engage in constitutionally protected activities.

Thankfully, the Fourth Amendment protects us from unreasonable searches by government agents. If you're not misbehaving, they have no right to search you or use evidence from such a search against you in court. Most Americans can live their entire lives without being searched by police.

Let me make this clear: if a crime happens in your presence, by default, you are the first responder, and whether you act like one will determine whether you have a fighting chance to survive.

Never let politicians stand between you and your right to protect yourself and your loved ones. You are in the United States of America, not North Korea.

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Today’s Democrat's and Their Ruthless Exploitation Homelessness

Los Angeles, CA— Growing up in the 1950s and 60’s, I never saw the so-called "homeless people" living in garbage on our streets. Such a sight was unheard of in our cities back then.

The financial impact of homelessness on our cities and population is astronomical. These individuals damage property, set fires, assault, annoy, intimidate, injure, and even kill innocents. The cost of their crimes includes not just the damage they cause, but also the additional expenses for police, criminal prosecution, defense, and judicial services.

In the past, we enforced laws against vagrancy, public intoxication, and drug use. Most importantly, those who were a danger to themselves or others were placed in secure mental heath facilities. However, liberals decided that involuntary commitments and jailing people for "being poor" were inhumane.

In reality, allowing people to live in filth and life-threatening conditions is far more inhumane. Tolerated homelessness has clearly impacted the quality of life in every major city run by Democrats. Allowing these conditions has created huge opportunities for theft and waste of taxpayer money. Despite the politicians throwing huge amounts of money at the problem, we see no discernible or positive results. Their solution? Throw even more money at it.

What's really happening is that numerous nonprofits are being awarded record sums of money that is simply being stolen. These nonprofits, in turn, grease the hands of the corrupt politicians who grant them these lucrative contracts. By opening a nonprofit and contributing to these officials' campaigns, one essentially gets a license to steal.

Those who are unable to care for themselves—clearly mentally ill or addicted to drugs, alcohol, or both—need serious intervention. I don't want to punish these unfortunate individuals. They should be in secure mental hospitals, where they can receive treatment for their health conditions, sleep with clean sheets in warm beds, take daily showers, eat nutritious meals, and perhaps even receive education or vocational training. They can certainly be released if they develop the necessary skills to become reasonably self-sufficient.

Despite billions being spent on homelessness, the problem has only worsened. Clearly, despicable politicians and their friends are profiting at the expense of the most vulnerable people in our society.

Monday, June 24, 2024

LA’s Media Has Reduced Itself to Being the Government’s Public Relations Agency

Anaheim, California—Last week I attended the conference for the Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE). Present were hundreds of investigative reporters and producers from all over the country, including some from South America and Europe.

Over a four-day period, there were numerous sessions designed to equip these professionals with every possible tool to uncover corruption. These reporters aim to give voices to the voiceless, ensure fair justice, and above all, end government theft and waste.

There is both good news and bad news. The good news is that technology keeps improving, providing investigative journalists with incredibly effective new tools. The bad news is that the government has gone to great lengths to shut down access to public records. In the past, news agencies would sue government bodies that refused to allow the inspection of public records. Additionally, the corporate executives who control media organizations won't allow any investigative pieces to be published without being reviewed by their legal teams. Lawyers are expensive, and media organizations simply won’t pay. As a result, investigative stories that should be told are not being told.

Attending the conference costs each individual approximately $1,500, including airfare, hotels, and various fees. However, this year, LA-based reporters could skip the cost of hotels and airfare.

Aside from adequate representation by KCBS/KCAL, the presence of other local LA TV stations was very poor or nonexistent. This sends a clear message: investigative reporting is virtually dead in LA, despite the self-promotion of their investigative reports.

Frankly, if the government didn’t hand out press releases, most of the LA news organizations would have to shut down. The competitive enterprise reporting of the past is just that—past. I can’t recall a single significant story uncovered by LA local TV in the last 20 years.

As a result, Los Angeles’ waste and corruption go entirely unchecked. Everything in California is under the absolute control of Democrat politicians, and no, they do not police each other.

George Orwell said it best: “Journalism is publishing what others don’t want published; anything else is public relations.” It’s a sad state of affairs with no correction expected in the future

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Stabbing death at USC results in Murder arrest of a student.

             IVAN GALLEGOS 

Los Angeles.CA-UniversityUniversityof Southern California—According to various reports, a USC frat member stabbed a “homeless” car burglar to death in USC’s Greek Row (700 block of W. 28th Street).  The burglar was caught in the act by 19 year-old Ivan Gallegos and the altercation happened.  You should also know that the USC community is surrounded by a violent ghetto and this is a high crime area.  

Apparently, the burglar threatened to shoot Gallegos.  He either saw or thought he saw a gun in possession of the burglar. The cops did not find one in their nighttime search.   Under the circumstances, this would be a justifiable homicide.  However, the cops generally have a custom of arresting the winners of these kinds of events. They then refer to the loser as the “victim”.  Of course, cops making murderer arrest always get commendations.

So far the matter is being reviewed by The incredibly leftist, Soros funded, County DA, George Gascon.  I would be shocked and surprised if Gascon turned down prosecuting this lad.  On its face, it sounds like prosecution here would be a serious travesty of Justice.  

I live to do the self-defense investigations in these kinds of cases.  The background and criminal history of the dead burglar I’m sure is substantial, sight unseen.  It is unlikely that despite a serious criminal history that a jury would never be allowed to learn about this unless could prove he knew about it before the altercation. 

The bad news is that Gallegos remained the scene and “cooperated“ with police.  That to me suggests he gave the police details that will now be used against him.  I think if he was smart enough to simply say, I want a lawyer he would be sleeping in his own bed tonight instead of a stinky jail cell. He’s being held in lieu of a $2 million dollar bail requirement. 

In any event, I would love to do this criminal defense investigation! 

UPDATE:  This morning 20 June, the LA County DA ruled this case a justifiable homicide and released Ivan Gallegos! End of story!   

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Local Crime News Is Selectively Reported By Today’s Media.

Chicago, Illinois— As everyone knows, our Legacy Media is owned and carefully controlled by Left Wing propagandists.  They report in unison to influence useful idiots and otherwise impressionable people.  As social media has spread, the Legacy Media has lost much of their influence and market share.  As time marched on, the state controlled, Legacy Media has become more vocal and more desperate, stretching their misleading content to the limits.  As a result they have hemorrhaged their viewers and readers. 

Make no mistake if they really want viewers/readers, they must remember rule number one, if it bleeds it leads.  Violence threatens our safety so that’s really why this is so important to everyone.  George Orwell said it best, “Journalism is printing something that someone does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.”  Rule number one has been sidestepped to conform with the current Leftist narratives. 

One real problem for the Legacy Media is that they’ve carefully covered up the race of black criminals whenever possible.  They’ve claimed they’re trying to avoid contributing to stereotypes.  I don’t give a shit what they want to call it, a cover-up is still a cover-up.  Of course, when the shoe is on the other foot where a white person victimizes a black person, that becomes leading headlines.  

The Democrat politicians are really concerned about the backlash against their perennial, facilitation and enabling of criminals.   This is through their continuing efforts to defund, and castrate law-enforcement as they allow criminals to evade being held accountable for their crimes.   

The Legacy Media and left-wing politicians have become bedmates as together they changed the direction of local news dramatically.  Instead of investigating crime, the media only reports what the local police dictates.  Of course, the police and what they tell the media is carefully controlled by the various mayors.  

The various cities are supposed to file accurate crime reports with the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports however, they conveniently and regularly find clever ways around accurate reporting.  Politics before truth is all that matters.  

In Chicago, there is a small social media organization of anonymous reporters and producers.  It is called CWB.  They understand the first rule of news, and if the story doesn’t bleed, they won’t cover it.  They report on  crime as accurately as they can and publish the police booking photos of the criminals. Chicago’s Violent crime is almost exclusively perpetrated by blacks and the mugshots prove this. 

I can only assume CWB wants to stay anonymous to avoid the threats and attacks they would receive for reporting the brutal truth.   If there is something that I wish CWB would do is to employ video to report their stories.  This takes, guts and money because turning a profit for any news, organization is difficult.

So if you’re watching your local news and most of what you see are feel-good, public relations stories that lack any importance to your life this is the current direction of local news.  

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Fighting Crime on Public Transportation, Solutions

Los Angeles, CA— There is and has been a nasty siege of murder and violence on public transportation here in the City of Angels.  We have one party rule here that dictates law-enforcement policy.  Of course it is the left-wing, lunatic fringe with their very radical ideas. 


In very recent years, people arrested for crimes are not put in jail pending court dispositions. Instead, they are simply cited and released on a promise to appear.  For most crimes, posting cash bail has ended.  Covid became an excuse to grant well beyond 100,000 convicts, early release from various prisons.  The impact from the insanity is obvious. people are dying as a direct result. 


Criminals congregate On Subway cars and public buses, where unarmed, and vulnerable people must travel to pursue their livelihoods.  We learned that saturating public transportation with uniform officers is of little help.  The criminals simply avoid doing their deeds in front of those cops.


What we know works, is putting undercover officers as bait inviting violent criminals to attack.  Since in an urban area like Los Angeles most of the criminals are those so-called, people of color.  It’s not about skin color but a very violent, bankrupt and cruel culture. 


Since these criminal’s hunt and attack their victims so quickly, undercover officers have no choice, but to employ deadly force to stop the attacks.  You guessed it, the cops justifiably and necessarily wind up killing these violent predators.  


In my younger days as a Chicago police officer the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) had its own plain clothes police department of 200 men.  None of them wore uniforms.  However, the Chicago Police Department at that time had 14,000 sworn members. 


What happened was that the small CTA police force wound up killing more criminals than the entire Chicago Police Department.  Virtually all the criminals killed were black.  Statistically on paper this did not look good.  The politicians put the CTA police in uniform.  They were also supplemented by the Mass Transportation Unit of uniformed Chicago Police.  


Crime on public transportation increased exponentially. The number of criminals killed on public transportation dropped to virtually zero.  However, the deaths of innocent people victimized by the criminals increased dramatically.  In the end, the dead criminals became far more important than the people they were killing.  The solution dictated by the politicians placated the minorities but did not help the victims one bit.


I suppose if they put a uniform armed cops on every bus and train car that would make a difference.  The taxpayers simply can’t afford that kind of protection.  Additionally, police radios are blocked out on most subway trains leaving the officers unable to summon help.


The politicians know that if they allow law abiding people to enjoy their Second Amendment rights to conceal firearms, the violence will increase a bit until the criminals quickly learned they’d be leaving public transportation in black rubber coroner’s bags.  Is that kind of a solution so bad after all?  


The rehabilitation of criminals is nothing more than a wild myth.  The only thing that slows down criminals is when they get too old.  Young, aggressive criminals must be kept off the street until they are too old and slow to harm anyone.  Our politicians understand only too well that those culturally deprived, people of color can’t control their behavior.  That is why blacks are so hyper-represented in prison populations.  Our misguided politicians much prefer to create crime solutions, as long as they don’t work.


There you have it folks, the truth.  If you want to be safe, you’re going to have to simply avoid public transportation at all costs in those large urban areas that are run by radical Democrats.  BLM should change their initials to BCLM, Black Criminal’s Lives Matter.   

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Rebecca Grossman Jury Misconduct is Unraveling

Van Nuys, CA—In every trial jurors are strongly admonished by the Judge to avoid press reports either broadcast, print or Internet.  I learned a long time ago that nearly 100% of the jurors ignore that admonishment doing what they damn well please.  With the Internet it’s so much easier for them to stray.  

It’s not normally a crime per se, but you can be held in contempt for any violation of that kind.  Contempt of court is usually not a big deal, but anyone covering it up or lying about it under oath is looking at a likely felony prison term.  

Investigating that activity was formerly very difficult but because of changes it is not. Such investigations are now doable, but time-consuming.  ISP data shows what websites and the length of the visits.  For any Grossman jurors caught in the dragnet it’s going to be a very nasty.  

I suggest that every Juror on the Grossman case contact the court and come clean while on this while they still can.  The ISP identification numbers on their smartphones and home devices have given them away.  

Jurors can look forward to subpoenas and examination by the court.  By then the penalties will be much more punitive.  It goes back to that old saying, the coverup is always much greater than the original crime.  Again, come clean while you still can.  It will be a lot cheaper than hiring lawyers.  

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Rebecca Grossman, Diane Teran, a Tale of Two Women and Legal Intrigue

Diane Teran Left, Rebecca Grossman Right

Van Nuys, CA--The double murder conviction of LA socialite, Rebecca Grossman may well be reversed. The reason is apparently mired in illicit goings on within the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office.


Grossman was convicted in February for the double second-degree murders of two Westlake Village young brothers in connection with a terrible automobile accident. This might have seemed like simple slam dunk conviction, but it is not.


The District Attorney’s supervisor of the Grossman case was, Diane Teran.  Teran was subsequently arrested and currently stands charged with 11 felony counts related to the theft and abuse of thousands of classified law enforcement computer records. Apparently, the partial motive of these crimes was to tamper with evidence.   


Former LA County Sheriff, Alex Villanueva recently revealed that Teran has a serious history of unlawfully withholding and or deleting exculpatory evidence (Brady material) in numerous cases. 


Grossman's lawyer, James Spertus now represents Rebecca Grossman, and he also represents Diane Teran.  The prosecutors assigned to the Grossman case tried and failed to have Spertus kicked of the case on Friday claiming the lawyer has a conflict of interest. 


Throughout my career, I’ve seen many murder cases reversed because of unreliable characters were involved in the arrest, investigations and prosecution of suspects/defendants. 


Defense attorney’s only need to show a pattern of unlawful conduct, not specific acts to obtain dismissals in these cases. Teran’s history makes it very likely that the Grossman convictions will be reversed, and the case dismissed with prejudice.

Let me be the first to predict Rebecca Grossman will go free to resume her life.  The stain of this tragedy will remain forever on the lives that were changed.