Friday, February 08, 2013

Has the Fired and Now Fugitive LAPD Cop Chris Dorner Made His Point?

Los Angeles, CA—Last night seemed very quiet, as there were apparently no more cops shot by fired LAPD cop, Chris Dorner.  Has he stopped?  Did he kill himself or succumb to cold weather in the mountains or hunger?  Where could he be right now?
One thing for sure Dorner has leaned a lot from his military and LAPD trainers.  He was taught how to kill people and break their things.  He was taught how to stalk fugitives so locating ordinary people he’s got a beef with is child’s play. He also knows how to improvise and construct bombs.  
LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck’s response to a reporter’s question said it all, “Of course he knows what he’s doing, we trained him.”  If Dorner has not stopped himself, he’s virtually unstoppable.  Dorner along with his hunters all know that surprise is on his side.  The use of hit & run guerilla tactics by anyone reasonably trained like Dorner can take an astounding toll of human life.  
We can only hope Dorner’s goal was simply to get a sharp focus on the LAPD’s treatment of him.  If that was the case he succeeded.  Frankly they LAPD’s internal due process and fairness as applied to Dorner has a familiar odor and it does not smell right.  Did LAPD protect its reputation over the rights and reputation of Chris Dorner? 
If I were to categorize and label Dorner’s actions I’d call it workplace violence.   Dorner simply went Postal.  He was wounded emotionally by his superiors and then made the rare choice to respond with calculated violence. 
As human beings we are all surprisingly fragile.  We know that we can also become outrageously cruel.  What would it take to bring any of us over the edge like Dorner?
Over the decades, I’ve seen many good cops have their careers destroyed by lies, political agendas and criminal obstruction of justice.  When it happens there is usually nothing that can be done about it.  Those cops who are victimized simply have to somehow cope and move on to other careers.  The problem is police agencies have a huge ability to deliver unwarranted disgrace as they smear innocent people’s reputations along with their ability to find new jobs. 
Clearly, wronged or not Chris Dorner's murderous solution was beyond evil.   He will never be able to justify his rampage over a wrongful termination or being libeled.  He made a horrible choice that sealed his own fate. 
If humans could learn how to treat each other there’d be no Chris Dorner’s.  There’d also be no cops, soldiers or wars.  Our world is a lot of things but perfect will never be one of those.


Juli Adcock said...

Great observations, Paul. The thing that most struck me is that he targeted two people that had no part in or control over how he was treated at the LAPD. He is further planning to target more family members that also have no control over what happened to him. In essence, he is engaging in the very same behavior that he is accusing the LAPD of and is now no better than the worst of the dregs that infiltrate law enforcement to wield personal power at the expense of the innocent. Quite an irony. I would be curious to see the effect of having a hostage negotiator from another agency appearing in the media making that very point to Dorner. It will be interesting to see if LAPD takes any hits over this, especially the longer it goes on.

Anonymous said...

I read that he's had two head injuries. From everything I've read to date, it seems that he was a very upstanding citizen that went 'postal' as you said. If he were on anti-depressants that could have been disinhibiting.

Anonymous said...

Another factor is that at 33 he has lived most of his adulthood in a post-911 world with ongoing wars, another factor. With the economy, and owning a home in Vegas, additional added pressures.

Anonymous said...

Good job!!! Managers can't go around making up charges and firing great employees Mr.D good job take them out.... Law Enforcement managers think before you act... And to you stupid COPS it is not open season on Mexicans or Blacks check before you shoot..Viva Villa!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Normally the LAPD and other police agencies in California can get away with murder, or do their best to dirty up those who would want to blow the whistle on excessive force and police corruption.

Christ Dorner’s online Manifesto says that what he was doing is a necessary evil that he does not enjoy but must partake.

I agree and empathize and know that it is not nice to be victimized by unfair hearings, and face judicial corruption in California, having been through it myself. While I do not agree with Chris Dorner’s methods, I am not sure how police corruption In the LAPD and other police agencies along with the judicial corruption can be exposed to the Media in any other way.

You see because Chris Dorner’s retaliation was so cruel and evil to which he admits– it does showcase his rage, his justification to murder innocents which is the corruption and injustice he was subjected to from the LAPD, which is a form of torture and is evil too! A lesser evil, which was covered up.

You see those abused by the system usually do not go out and murder in retaliation - but they still do share the same pain of torture and injustice as Chris Dorner,

Those abused by the corrupt system do NOT get to air their message World wide about the LAPD corrupt system as Christ Dorner has through his "necessary evil". Through Chris Dorner, the police and judicial evil is being highlighted, just as Chris’s evil is highlighted.

We must NOT forget the evil that the police and judicial system perpetrate on defenseless individuals. It is a form of bullying!!!!!

Many cops are frightened to report superior abuse for fear they will be fired.

See podcast with Robin Sachs and Bill Carroll

I know I will be vilified by the LAPD and the media. Unfortunately, this is a necessary evil that I do not enjoy but must partake and complete for substantial change to occur within the LAPD and reclaim my name. The department has not changed since the Rampart and Rodney King days. It has gotten worse. The consent decree should never have been lifted. The only thing that has evolved from the consent decree is those officers involved in the Rampart scandal and Rodney King incidents have since promoted to supervisor, commanders, and command staff, and executive positions.

Paul said “We can only hope Dorner’s goal was simply to get a sharp focus on the LAPD’s treatment of him. If that was the case he succeeded. Frankly they LAPD’s internal due process and fairness as applied to Dorner has a familiar odor and it does not smell right. Did LAPD protect its reputation over the rights and reputation of Chris Dorner?”

Anonymous said...

FOX 11's Robin Sax obtained exclusive video that adds another piece of the puzzle to the Chris Dorner investigation. (This video should be looked at with Board of Rights and Appellate court decisions as context).

Chris Dorner's manifesto gave a specific call to action to all who read it -- investigate his claims he was unfairly terminated by the LAPD. (Chris Dorner made a report that Sgt Evans kicked a suspect during an arrest. The Board of Review deemed that a false report against an officer and Dorner was terminated).

Read more:

Anonymous said...

The real question is:is being an asshole really worth it??meaning the truly evil people that run PDs that abuse their authority and destroy people lives.Karma is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Just need to vent my injustices with pd as it too had me wanting revenge....thank god I'm over it now.

I drive a scooter and weigh 165, white male FYI, its close to midnight and extremely cold and hardly anyone else on the roads and it was a rural area with high crime possibilitys. I'm at a red stoplight and the light doesn't know I'm there as it bypasses my turns I cross a red light anyways after waiting and two cops see me and give me a ticket even after explaining. I go to court say not guilty and set new date to come back and original cops come in and testify and I say my part and judge says I'm still guilty, $500 fine. He said I should of waited till a car finally came behind me to trip light switch under ground. I was last one called that day and everyone else before me was found guilty too despite there explanations. Judges seem to be in with the cops too and just wanted my hard earned money. Dam this still irks me. How about treated us the way you want to be treated....I hate corruption.

Anonymous said...

I read Dorner's manifesto and was sympathetic right up to the point when he said he was in a van with about eight other LAPD trainees when one of them in the back used the N-word. Dorner then jumped over the seats and attacked the guy and started choking him. At that moment he should have been terminated from LAPD and arrested for battery. Police officers have to deal with verbal, mental, and physical abuse at the hands of citizens every day and are expected to remain calm and professional. How in the heck could this guy be expected to perform when he could't even hold his temper among his peers? The idiot who used the N-word should also have been disciplined as well. There is no room for blatant racism in modern policing. Believe what you want, but treat everyone fairly without regard to the color of their skin.