Sunday, September 02, 2012

Internet Freedom Without Government Control is Possible through Exciting New Technology!

This is Paul Huebl of Austria with two of his delightful friends!

Vienna, Austria—It’s called, FunkFeuer or in English, Network Fire.   It’s an inexpensive way to sidestep governments, cable and utility companies to receive and also act as a repeater spreading the free broadband access to you neighbors.
FunkFeuer will be a huge weapon for use in fighting government tyranny everywhere!
FunkFeuer was developed by a group of programmers and hackers to create a wireless network that the users can transmit to each other.  All without Big Brother’s hand on the switch or greedy Internet providers raiding our wallets.
FunkFeuer provides wireless network access across large areas using the same open radio spectrum as WiFi.  However it operates over mush larger areas than today’s WiFi networks.
Imagine if this technology with tablets and smart phones began to invade nations like Cuba and North Korea that lock thought and publishing.   Government propaganda would begin to fail as people spread text, images and video of what’s really happening.
I got this information from an Austrian lad that shares my unusual name, Paul Huebl after he posted it on FaceBook.   With all the hot girlfriends seen above my young namesake has plastered all over his Facebook page, I don’t know where he found time to pass this information on…

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