Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A Book Review, Michael Rosenblum’s IPhone Millionaire

Los Angeles, CA—I found this TV guru visionary on various Internet sites devoted to electronic TV newsgathering and photojournalists.  Michael Rosenblum operates a school called the New York Video School.   NYVS operates in Europe the USA and at times in other locales.  Rosenblum just released his new book called IPhone Millionaire on creating and marketing video. 
Rosenblum is an expert in creating and selling watchable, enjoyable and informative video.   Video is exploding everywhere and the need for vast amounts of content is creating more opportunities for those who can harness the skill of shooting, editing and distributing their work.  No product or service can exist without promotion and video is by far the best marketing tool around.
It’s been said that whoever controls the information controls the world.  That is really true however today it’s no longer just governments, religious institutions or a few powerful media organizations in control.  This real power has been transferred to all of us through inexpensive video cameras and powerful computer editing. 
With so many social media outlets like YouTube, Viemo and Facebook anyone can and does put their projects up for the world to see.  Most video we see on the social media is crappy, pointless and not well thought out.  Some of it however is really enjoyable.
Making great video even with today’s IPhone can be done provided the person behind the camera gets some simple training.  There are some real video gems out there that we’ve all seen.  Now it’s your turn to both create and profit with you own video masterpieces. 
As a private investigator I somehow found myself drafted into TV news, gathering information for crime and investigative stories.  I mixed my freelance TV news assignments with the criminal defense investigations normally performed by my agency.  This is what exposed me to the methodology of making video.
When this happened the cost of broadcast quality cameras and editing equipment was incredibly expensive and by today’s standards the quality sucked.  Today your IPhone is better than what the broadcast industry used when I started. 
Rosenblum takes you trough the evolution of video and teaches you some simple steps to make attention-grabbing video.  Surprisingly Rosenblum has eliminated the traditional sit down interviews and all but sent the tripods to the cornfields.  His methods are revolutionary and beyond simple. 
TV news has not evolved over the decades until now.  Rosenblum has spread is ideas around that have slowed the demise of TV news by making video journalists out of virtually everyone in the nation's newsrooms. 
Slowly broadcast TV and our computers are all going to completely merge on our fabulous flat panel TV sets.  The text and still picture only websites will soon be replaced with video. 
There is money to be made creating content and pitching your material to check writing decision makers has never been easier.  IPhone Millionaire shows you how it’s done. 
I endorse the book and recommend it to everyone.
IPhone millionaire can easily change your life.  It’s available for your Kindle and IPad or you can order it from Amazon.com
Here is a video report I did after Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart fell dead of an apparent heart attack in the Brentwood community of Los Angeles.  It was shot with an IPhone 4S and a JVC HM100 video camera.  The editing was accomplished on a MacBook Pro with Final Cut Pro X software.   I was paid handsomely for this video that’s been uploaded to several sharing sites.  This was made months before I read IPhone Millionaire.

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