Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Sun Times BGA Story on The Police Blog with the Name They Can’t Repeat

Chicago, IL—When I learned the Better Government Association took up an investigation of the infamous and wildly popular (among cops) Detective Shaved Longcock blog, I knew it was going to get interesting so I wrote about it.
Without quoting or even paraphrasing a single passage or story DSLC was branded by the Sun Times and BGA as racist.  But is it racist to call attention to the reality that murder, rape and armed robbery is almost the exclusive province and behavior of Chicago’s African-Americans? Is that disturbing and sad truth somehow racist?
DSLC was biting and edgy as he used off color satire and humor to express his opinions.  It was in fact only the shock factor of DSLC that gained readership, attention and finally now some debate.
A polite and politically correct society avoids the discomfort of discussing touchy problems that could possibly offend anyone.  Until we can discuss and debate the African-American culture of ignorance, depravity and carnage we can’t make the necessary repairs.
How many more innocent little Black boys will we allow to be programed straight to prison or a violent death rather than the American Dream?  How many millions of babies will be born into abject poverty and violence because it generates income for single, ignorant and idle Black women? 
I guess we have to trust the Sun Times and BGA in their judgment that DSLC is racist since they didn’t provide a scintilla of evidence that the readers can judge for themselves. That would be comical if it was not so blatantly lame. 
The usual suspect credited for the blog is a Chicago cop on duty disability.  He’s severed from the department by virtue of a serious injury that the city deemed too severe for him to return to work. 
The injured officer is not performing any function whatsoever for the department his controversial publishing cannot be a concern to the department unless or until laws are broken.  The DSLC message is far more offensive to the City Administration over the avalanche of their corruption that is killing Chicago and it’s inhabitants.
The BGA and Sun Times is well aware that for several years the Chicago Police Department blocked access to the blogs like DSLC or my own.  That was done because of our criticism of official corruption, cronyism and mismanagement of the entire city government.
DSLC has the right to think, write and publish what he wishes.  We can only guess who has authored the blog that has attracted so many readers along with the attention of the media. 


Anonymous said...

Shaved reacted as Rahm wanted. So very sad, Shaved should have humored the BGA, and immediately outed the him and the ridiculous act of intimidation.

I can't believe Shaved fell right into their ploy!

Anonymous said...

might be time to do some research into who are the doners at bga.
with all the corruption that goes on here a list of the givers would certainly make a intresting read.
cant wait to hear andy and bob have their gotcha moment.

Anonymous said...

The ONLY reason SLCs blog was wildly popular was the ability to post non-PC articles and allow the readers to post 99+% of what was on their mind.Censorship is tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Met DSLC at Folo's a couple years ago. ;) Nice guy, it's a shame some pussy liberals have nothing better to do than hunt him and his advertisers down.

Anonymous said...

As a hispanic reading DSLC's post, it was a little disturbing at first. That is untill you look at the fact that it was all called out LIKE IT IS. He called a spade a spade, it didn't matter if the person was black, white, hispanic, asian, he called the people out as the scum they are. It is not DSLC's fault that a certain demographic is so easy to write about again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again.... and again.

The first ammendment isn't about protecting the speach you agree with. It's about the freedom to speak what anyone belives in.

If DSLC is on duty disability, SO WHAT. He's not restricted from finding another job so long as it doesn't go against why he's on disability. The Pilgram has spoken

Mt Greenwood Hillbilly said...

The Sun-Times just recently went after cops on disability. The pension board dinged Siedlecki just a few days ago. Now DSLC's blog vanishes?

The BGA is just a shill for the machine. If Shaved is collecting a disability check, you can rest assured that he's in the sights of the Sun-Times AND the machine.

Anonymous said...

Both Shave & Chicago News Report must have experienced some type of BLACKOUT, or political fall out. I turned to both sites for the no PC news truth. I preferred CNR. Shave was raw, rude & crude no doubt, but he let us know what was going on. Now we just have to close our eyes & all the crime, panhandlers, and mobs will just float away to Liberal Land..